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  1. how to plays sawmill

    Hi I have made a video about how I placed my sawmills to help others place their sawmills. have I missed something you think?
  2. Trailer

    thanks, it makes me happy to hear.
  3. I made a video about how I pick up firewood from the forest, how do you do?
  4. Trailer

    Hi I have made a trailer for my youtube channel. Please come with feedback about what you think about it.
  5. Logosol Band751

  6. Logosol Band751

    I was with my neighbor and filmed his new sawmill Logosol Band 751. This has to be one of the best-priced sawmills on the market now. Please come with feedback so I can get better at filming.
  7. Mill in the snow

    -10 C and milling is really nice
  8. Milling in the snow

    Oops sorry, where not my plan to make you poor
  9. Logosol sawmill

    I run both Woodland and Logosol. Should I be honest, I think you get more out of the log from Logosol sawmil. This as it is so much easier to adjust the height of the log on each side and maximize how you cut the log.
  10. Logosol farmers mill

    Take a file and file of the joints on the ruler to make them a little softer. Is this what often wears out the plastic guides quick. Even I've upgraded to the M8 sled and think it's great, and it's a lot faster to mill when you have the hand crank. Should I buy a new sled today I would look at the F2 sled with the upgrade kit. It has vibration-damping feeding crank and bar nose steering for 50 cm and 63 cm guide bars.
  11. Milling in the snow

    I love to make milling videos of my Logosol and woodland sawmills. I hope you like it.
  12. Sauno wood kiln – any good?

    I have a sauno wood kiln and think it’s work really good, a bit slow when I run 3” boards, 1-2” works like a charm I have made a video about my kiln
  13. Tool upgrade

    A small upgrade in the workshop, in order to increase the value of my sawn timber. [ame] [/ame]
  14. Oops

    Haha Thank now it feels better
  15. Oops

    You should not stand and think about other things when sawing.... Oops saw in the log dogs is not good. [ame]https://ww.youtube.com/watch?v=RduVpHcGBqM&feature[/ame]


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