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  1. If it's rescue rope it's likely to definitely be worthy of use with regards to weight bearing capability but maybe not so forgiving if you fall. Assuming your not using it for rigging heavy kit and climbing I'd use it with the assumption that if it's good enough for search and rescue it's good enough for arb. Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk
  2. I spotted a charcoal retort made from oil drums, seemed to work well and portable enough for a car to use ! Googled it and it popped up on YouTube! Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk
  3. I hate to say it, but this was an organised haul, it wasnt just chainsaws. Have a look at the list, you would need two possibly three vehicles to shift that. Its not petty crime when it was vehicles as well as heavy machinery(tracked chipper, wood splitter, polaris ranger) They even took plants that we were planting to the cost of around 6k, i mean plants in tubs that were in 80ltr pots!!!
  4. Well it made the East Sussex police website news!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk
  5. Sorry, Rich Rule, nice to hear from you bud. It was my anniversary! April 1st only fools fall in love eh! The police reckon it was someone that we know or who lives closeby , Of course we're not too friendly with the neighbours, but there is literally another tree surgeon on the same road as mine with less security, just a metal 5 bar gate, but the thieves picked us. Im gutted that people have such malice, it feels targetted and planned, and east sussex police quite literally couldnt give a toss.
  6. Ive spent the best part of yesterday and today compiling this list buddy, im still looking for stuff thats been robbed. As you can see its quite extensive, time at the moment is an enemy along with thieving ***** that take whats not theirs! I will try and compile it on there when i can, just thought that i could get it on here asap for people who are buying eqpt to think about where its came from!
  7. SO, Here is the list of kit they took. along with serial numbers that i can find. Chainsaw’s Husqvarna 357xp(2007ish) s/n 084901116 Husqvarna 560xp (2014) s/n 4600221 Husqvarna T540xp (2013) s/n 4701414 Husqvarna 395xp (2014) s/n 4200271 Husqvarna 3120xp (2014) s/n 3800038 Hedgecutter Husqvarna 226hd60s s/n 30 415526 Brushcutter Husqvarna 555rxt (2015) 1700070 Husqvarna 555rxt (2014) 2500036 Polesaw Husqvarna 327PT5S, Have invoice, no serial number as of yet. Leaf blower Husqvarna 570BTS, Have invoice, no serial number as of yet. New oct 2016! Polaris Ranger diesel 900 VIN: 4xath90d6c2698238 Engine number: 015529 Registration: SF62FYN IFOR WILLIAMS TRAILER GX105HD 10FT X 5FT Mesh cage sides and rear loading ramp Excavator bucket rest on front s/n: 617200 Greenmech quadtrak 160 s/n: not available at present, chasing paperwork. Have invoice/receipt for purchase Wallenstein 630EU towable wood splitter s/n: not available at present, chasing paperwork. Have invoice/ receipt for purchase Honda portable petrol driven water pump Model: wb30xt s/n wact2103129 Rigging eqpt 24mm x 5mtr 14000kg, s/n: 529224029 26mm x 8mtr 11000kg, s/n: 935420023 5mtr mounting sling, s/n: 638732 2mtr 4 ton sling, grey, s/n: 740811 2mtr 4 ton sling, grey, s/n: 726010 2mtr 4 ton sling, grey, s/n: 740812 2mtr 2 ton sling, green, s/n: 725959 2mtr 2 ton sling, green, s/n: 725958 2mtr 2 ton sling, green, s/n: 650806 2.5mtr 3 ton sling, yellow, s/n: 623448 2.5mtr 3 ton sling, yellow, s/n: 569503 STEIN tree anchor s/n: 14/51689/109 Marlow Dyneema whoopie sling, s/n: 0682481-018 Marlow Dyneema whoopie sling, s/n: 0682481-069 Dmm, bat, rigging plate, large, yellow, s/n: DMM, rigging hub, medium, purple, s/n: DMM, rigging hub, large, purple, s/n: DMM, impact block, large, anodized bronze colour, s/n: DMM, impact block, large, anodized graphite colour, s/n: ISC, 70kn, “iron wizard” karabiner, x 5 Petzl, P21SPE tandem speed pulley, x 1 New England rigging rope 24mm x 50 mar, green. Climbing eqpt Teufelberger/ treemotion version 2 11.5mm, 35mtr, Teufelberger Tachyon, orange, climbing rope, s/n: 20141521 11.5mm, 35mtr, Teufelberger Tachyon, green, climbing rope, s/n: 20141786 11.5mm, 45mtr, Teufelberger Tachyon, orange, climbing rope, s/n: 2014768 11.5mm, 45mtr, Teufelberger Tachyon, orange, climbing rope, s/n: 20141894 13mm, Split tail, Marlow, gecko, pink and white, s/n: 067182-066 13mm, Split tail, Marlow, gecko, red and yellow, s/n: 067182-047 Stein throwline kit, blue collapsible box Bag, 6 or 8 oz weight and orange throwstring. Spare orange stein throw string on a reel ART Spiderjack 2.1 ART Lockjack sport, 01.1403046 ART Ropeguide with cocoon pulley, 03.1501010 s/n: 06.1502051 ART Snakeanchor, s/n: 11.1401135 ART Doublesnapper Distel, gecko, carbon, climbing spikes. CAMP, double rope ascender, yellow, s/n: 0312 CAMP, turbo chest, chest ascender, s/n/: 3140123 PETZL, crow, ascender with foot strops, x2 Petzl carrytool large x 6 Petzl carrytool small x 2 ISC, rescue/ swing cheek pulley, red, s/n: 14/51177/033 ISC, belay, s/n: 14/48695/09 ISC, belay, s/n: 14/48695/49 STEIN, cambium saver, s/n: 671370 Sherril deluxe “rope boss” bag, yellow Tapesling, long, black/green, s/n: 1431507207 Tapesling, long, black/green, s/n: 1431507222 Tapesling, short, black/green, s/n: 1429000661 Tapesling, short, black/green, s/n: 1429000650 Teufelberger, 8mm ocean eye to eye, green/lime, s/n: 20132319 Teufelberger, 8mm ocean eye to eye, green/lime, s/n: 20141622 Teufelberger, 8mm ocean eye to eye, green/lime, s/n: 20141211 Hitchclimber pulley blue, s/n: 142263090A Lanyard, s/n: 20141055 Prusik loop with w/eyelet, s/n: 20142741 DMM, Pinto pulley, red s/n: 1418134001APUL110 Teufelberger Sirius loop, s/n: 2014-2913 Teufelberger Sirius loop, s/n: 2014-2481 Teufelberger Sirius loop, s/n: 2014-3015 Teufelberger Sirius loop, s/n: 2014-2464 Teufelberger Sirius loop, s/n: 2014-2914 Teufelberger Sirius loop, s/n: 2014-2476 Teufelberger Stitched loop, s/n: 424714 Teufelberger Stitched loop, s/n: 424746 New England, flipline, orange, wire/rope, s/n: 506423 New England, flipline, orange, wire/rope, s/n: 506929 ISC, rope grab, red, s/n: 14/48983/113 ISC, rope grab, red, s/n: 14/47997/099 Petzl, swivel, red/black, s/n: 15041ep7138 DMM Hitch climber pulley, blue, s/n: 151S52277A Breaking strop, yellow, s/n: 149134 Breaking strop, yellow, s/n: 736777 Karabiners, combination of ISC GECKO, HMS, MONGOOSE, MIGHTYMOUSE Karabiner, s/n: 14/1555 Karabiner, s/n: 143382017a Karabiner, s/n: 142263090a Karabiner, s/n: 132840818a Karabiner, s/n: 133094073a Karabiner, s/n: 143431528a Karabiner, s/n: 102650127b Karabiner, s/n: 143431463a Karabiner, s/n: 130111550m Karabiner, s/n: 140791435a Karabiner, s/n: 140791435a Karabiner, s/n: 14/2998 Karabiner, s/n: 14/5561 Karabiner, s/n: 14/5390 Karabiner, s/n: 14/49797/106 Karabiner, s/n: 14/49797/113 Karabiner, s/n: 14/49797/105 Karabiner, s/n: 14/6057 Karabiner, s/n: 14/6066 Karabiner, s/n: 14/49797/048 Miscellaneous items related to arb/ tree surgery Graphite powder Coleman two burner portable hob(petrol/ fuel) Arbortech Safety gloves purple, 2 pairs, used lots Pfanner Protos integral safety helmet, red, with mesh screen and integrated safety spectacles Gransfors bruk forest axe, x 1 Gransfors bruk small forest axe, x 1 Bushcraft knive with diamond sharpener x 1 Numerous spare chains for chainsaws Spare/ used and new bars for listed chainsaws Chainsaw sharpener, 12v, Granberg G1012XT Various sized sharpening bits for chainsaw sharpener Oregon sharpening toolkits, x 2 Granberg G555 vertical mini mill Alaskan mini mill mk3 42/48” with extended rails Silky saws , ZUBAT x 2, 30cm Top handle chainsaw bars 14” for top saw, Oregon pro, sugihara pro Stein gear haul bag, yellow Husqvarna combi petrol and oil can Teufelberger, spare rope bridge for tree motion harness DMM rings, green, 34mm, still in bag. Stein cutaway strop, x 2 Im sure there are more bits but im chasing all suppliers for invoices etc for remaining bits that I have not listed eyes peeled please any information would be appreciated
  8. List is ready, a lot of you guys will be sick of what's been nicked. Probably the largest haul at the moment. Will publish when I get to my laptop as it's on there. Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk
  9. I will be putting up a list of all eqpt stolen with serial numbers later today. I have receipts for it all. There are a few things I won't be putting up serial numbers of however. Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk
  10. I may be insured but they will find a way to not payout insurance companies are like that, any little loophole. Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk
  11. Insurance is 12k a year, there is more to that list, total around 75k worth of kit, this is not petty crime. It's truly ******* organised major theft. I have a list of serial numbers and ID numbers etc only saving grace could be that I still have a silky! Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk
  12. Greenmech quadtrak 160 Wallenstein 630eu Polaris ranger diesel 900 62 plate Ifor Williams trailer 305hd Husky 357xp Oregon pro bar 15" Husky 560xp sugihara light 15" Husky 395xp 42" Husky 3120 56" Husky T540xp Honda water pump Husky fuel container Alaskan mill 48" Personal eqpt: Proteus helmet Carbon geckos Climbing ropes tachyon 11 mm orange and green, 35 and 45 mtr ART spiderjack 2, ART rope guide ART sportjack Sirius loops x 8 Prusik loops x 6 Karabiners x around 20 Buffalo Rope bucket with tachyon 35mt 11mm orange All relatively new and minimally used, some still in packets! I have serial numbers somewhere of everything. There is also some other small stuff in there like graphite powder etc. In total around or in excess of 75k worth of equipment This was planned as everything was moved, you can't just move a quad track chipper and a splitter and a trailer and a Polaris in one hit! Please anyone in the area or surrounding please let me know if there is anything offered. A livelihood gone because of lowdown scummy thieves! They cut two gates, disable two security cameras and a shipping container lock with discutters to gain these items. Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk
  13. ive been thinking the same thing, a landy is great for short journeys but long haul, its just uncomfortable and noisy, not to mention fuel economy. i think im trading my 130 HCPU this year, will see what i have left on it to pay though first [emoji12] Sent from my iPad using Arbtalk
  14. holy ****, some people are really determined. is it registered with the TER or on a stolen plant register? Sent from my iPad using Arbtalk
  15. Called out to clear a ships macerator pump in a **** tank! On Christmas Day only to find after stripping pump for 2 hrs a pair of underwear that was flushed down the loo because the person had followed through!


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