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  1. Can anyone supply and deliver hardwood rings or lengths delivery to silver hill lane teversal looking for around 25 ton cash ??
  2. Forst chipper hopper gas spring to stop bar

    I may try and weld it back together as a temporary fix the new one should be here mid week thanks for the advice
  3. Forst chipper hopper gas spring to stop bar

    I will update you Monday when I'm back at the yard
  4. Forst chipper hopper gas spring to stop bar

    Hi the part I have broke is located in the centre of the hopper orange plant have listed it as a hopper gas spring but when I searched gas strut they look identical thanks for your reply you may of just saved me my job !
  5. Forst chipper hopper gas spring to stop bar

    Thanks for the reply
  6. Hi guys I have snapped the hopper Gas spring on a forst chipper I can't get the part until Tuesday will it still function with it being snapped any advice would be appreciated thanks
  7. Sadly not mate no mention on what company they use thanks anyway
  8. Has anybody orderd next day delivery from orange plant and know What the company is called the do the delivery?
  9. nissan navara double cab

    Any Navara lads know how many tonne bags /cubic metre bags in a level load ??
  10. Mobile log shed

    nice job
  11. Sky tv so poor over christmas, best alternative?

    sounds like your still in the honey moon period before you know it your watching 9 episodes a night and not turning up to work in the morning
  12. Sky tv so poor over christmas, best alternative?

    get your self a kodi stick for all your on demand tv shows start with breaking bad ,games of thrones and dexter !!should keep you going for a few weeks
  13. l200 /hilux

    has any body got a l200 i am after a pick up for week end work and log delivery's . i really wanted to get a hilux but after weeks of looking i cant seen to find the right one ! now my missis getting on at me to stop being a snob and look into a l200 i always been told the are **** but with how much cheaper they are then the toyota i would have plenty of spare cash to fix it when it breaks . are they really that bad ? looking at 2009 plus with a budget of up to 10 for the right one advice appreciated
  14. hilux tipper

    looks like im going to be hand balling logs for a few more years
  15. hilux tipper

    does anybody know a rough price to convert a toyota hilux single cab into a tipper with arb back on please


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