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  1. Has anyone had any trouble getting on to sites npors looking into getting my 10T above and below
  2. We have a stockpile of oversized timber in 3m lengths has anybody split it down with a cone splitter and managed to feed it through a firewood processor . Any ideas would be appreciated
  3. can anybody point me in the right direction for a processor just for arb waste all wood will be ringed up im looking for something that will just push rings through a splitting head and onto a conveyor
  4. hard work long hours but good money give it a try you will know if its for you after the first week
  5. we have just finshed making one at work out of scaffold tube and pallets 2 pallets wide 5 long works great.. try and your ground as even as possible and make sure all your pallets are the same size if possible use the blue ones as are a bit more heavy duty run your poles through the pallets and screw them all together to make them that extra bit sturdy good luck ..
  6. I run a jcb powerpack with a oxdale splitter not the fastest set up but i only paid £500 for the power pack and around £500 for the splitter .can still knock out 10 bags a day (builders bags )
  7. Can anyone supply and deliver hardwood rings or lengths delivery to silver hill lane teversal looking for around 25 ton cash ??
  8. I may try and weld it back together as a temporary fix the new one should be here mid week thanks for the advice
  9. I will update you Monday when I'm back at the yard
  10. Hi the part I have broke is located in the centre of the hopper orange plant have listed it as a hopper gas spring but when I searched gas strut they look identical thanks for your reply you may of just saved me my job !
  11. Hi guys I have snapped the hopper Gas spring on a forst chipper I can't get the part until Tuesday will it still function with it being snapped any advice would be appreciated thanks
  12. Sadly not mate no mention on what company they use thanks anyway
  13. Has anybody orderd next day delivery from orange plant and know What the company is called the do the delivery?


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