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  1. I’m starting to venture into my own jobs as opposed to subbying all the time and am looking for 1 or 2 reliable subbies to help me on random days. Most jobs will be Ipswich area. Message me with your experience and day rate. Cheers.
  2. I tried contacting a few tree firms around Malaga but so far, no luck!
  3. Thanks for the reply. That's potentially the kind of thing I'd do to log the hours. Do you think you'll stay doing that or are you looking to move into a specific field?
  4. After being a subby arborist for getting onto 6 years now I'm thinking about taking a slightly different career route and doing my irata level 1. Does anybody have experience of this? I just want to make sure it's the right move for me. I haven't decided what route to take it yet but I was thinking geo technical at the start to get my hours in as it's the closest to what I've been doing the last 6 years. Is it common to be a freelance rope access worker? What money should I expect to start on and what's possible money wise with experience?
  5. Can't offer any advice other than Madrid was bloody cold when I went earlier in the year! I'd love to get the chance to work in Spain at somepoint but have heard there's not much in the way of Arb over there which has certainly been my experience too.
  6. I've made a log store by building a square out of 4x 3.5m Heras fence panels, should hold 25 cube heaped. Will sling a tarp over the top tomorrow to keep the rain off.
  7. They sound a winner then! I'll look at the Balfour but I bet they're a fair step up in price?
  8. Good buy then! I'll have to keep an eye out, £550 is a great price, I was looking at rock exotica ones but they're £1250 and probably not that dissimilar.
  9. That's not a bad price, how have you found it? Anything to make life easier!
  10. Are they worth it over a chainsaw when running a small scale firewood business? I've never used one but they look much easier and faster for cutting cord up than by chainsaw? What size range of cord do they generally cut? I don't have a tractor so would have to be a standalone unit. Photos of of your saws welcome
  11. Yeah, they're a huge trailer! Probably overkill in most cases. Something like a caged lm126 would probably be better suited?
  12. I'm in the same situation and think I'm going to go trailer route. Worked with a bloke today who had a big 16ft ifor trailer, big thing! Tempted to get one of those as it'll double up as a car/plant trailer.
  13. Watching this with interest as I'm keen to know what percentage of people's sales are from softwood.
  14. Sounds simple but effective. I need to get some of those blue pallets, most of mine are falling apart!


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