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  1. I kind of trust stihl a lot more, I do like husky but I've always been comfortable using stihl. I'm quite stubborn on this hahaha then again it might be worth a look, heard they are popular amongst farmers.
  2. Thanks man, exactly what I needed. Looks like it's either 210-180 then.
  3. No I dont need a top handle. A small and solid ground saw for light felling. Hmm I did think £200 was a bit low. I'm in the north Wales area, definitely a stihl. I see quite a few saws in my local area on Facebook so getting one isnt a problem, just need advice on choosing a model that suits occasional and light work.
  4. No top handle, just something lighter to handle than the 290. Budget will be around the £200 mark for a decent second hand probably.
  5. Hi everyone I use a saw from time to time but what I have at the minute (stihl ms290) is excessive for what I need. It's in tip top condition and all that but I really only ever use a saw for small garden trees. I'm not after a state of the art machine but neither something that's falling to bits either, I would just like advice on a smaller and sturdy stihl model please gents. Thanks
  6. Its a shame that we have adopted the American suing culture, that's the main reason for these courses in the first place. It's not so bad for future generations getting into the industry but for guys who have been doing it for years even decades it's a headache. It's the way the world has gone and it's not going to change, we just have to adapt unfortunately.
  7. Why not download the test criteria for your courses that you already have. I'm sure city and guilds/lantra have that info on there websites. If memory serves I'm sure it breaks down each section of what you are being tested on.
  8. Just thought I would make a quick post to raise awareness about stihls Christmas calender game on Facebook (may be available elsewhere, I'm not sure). Basically you like stihls Facebook page, find the Stihl Christmas calender game, fill in sign up details, pick on stihls post every day in December, then click on the current day of the month, answer a question and you are told wether or not you have won today's prize. I shouldn't really be sharing this info because it will hurt my chances of winning but sod it, good luck all.
  9. The best adhesive I've ever come across is some stuff called caskimite, not sure if it would work on boots but it glued back my hearth on my fire place.
  10. Thanks for the advice guys. So kombi with a few attachments looks like the way forward. Ive got a year's worth of garden maintenance and some tree work in me but I'm sensible enough to know when I'm out of my league on certain jobs, it's just that last year I was getting people asking me to do more than the grass cutting so I thought it's time to expand a little.
  11. Well I mainly just do grass cutting but I need to expand a bit and start cutting hedges/bushes and the odd one man tree jobs.
  12. Hi everyone and merry Christmas At some point next year I wouldn't mind expanding my gear to carry out more than my usual garden maintenance (other than the grass cutting and occasional tree work) that I do on the side. I've got a decent mower and a good chainsaw set up but I need the following - Hedge cutters Med-small strimmer Blower Any hand tools (other than basics) I think the following year I'll invest in a trailer and probably a polesaw with all the trimmings but for now that is all the equipment in need, as I'm only doing small-medium gardens after work or on weekends. I'm keen to hear what everyone recommends, especially on battery powered stuff and I prefer sthils but I'm willing to consider other stuff.
  13. By damaging I meant something along the lines of say lasting damage or poisoning of the tree if it isn't being cut down.
  14. Hi gents I obviously know why you should use proper chain oil, however i was talking to someone that uses pretty much what ever he can get his hands on. so car oil, cooking oil and even 2-stroke. When I questioned about its effectiveness he said as long as it lubricates the chain then it's fine. Me not having a great deal of experience in the industry I think this is probably a cowboy method for using a saw (and damaging to both saw and tree) however is he in some way right or at least in an emergency you could get away with it? I would love to hear your thoughts. I should mention the guy was quite skilled and has been doing tree work for a number of years, however the company he works for is somewhat shocking, I'm not going to name names though.


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