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  1. Thanks for the positive replies guys It's not an ideal situation I don't really have a choice about going to Spain or which region I go to as I am going to look after my partner's elderly parents out there. I do know the region fairly well, landscape wise and yes ... the trees are unexciting. I took the level 4 to work here in the UK but circumstances change and I don't want to throw away that time and money spent on the course only to end up working in a bar Spain is starting to protect its trees now, for instance Carob can't be felled and there are laws covering the removal of pine on mountainside areas ... albeit that you can't cut the last one down ..... I'm currently investigating Valencia's parks and gardens through their council but my limited Spanish (which is slowly getting better) is a hinderance I have to admit. As for Lvl 4 being over qualified for tree officer work ... you need a lvl 3 to become an assistant officer these days. I'll keep plugging away and look forward to any more replies
  2. Hi guys I wonder if any of you can help? I am currently studying level 4 arb, originally with a view to going into tree officer work or consultancy. Due to family commitments I am going to have to move to Spain, Costa Blanca at the end of my course. I have tried to find out some info on arb careers in Spain but would love to know if anyone has any actual experience of arboriculture in this region of Spain. I have to admit to being at the beginning of my search so I can probably find out a lot of info with some googling, but here seemed like the obvious place to turn Many thanks
  3. Thanks for your opinion
  4. Arse * predictive text!!!!
  5. Hmmm I do believe I was giving an opinion rather than accusing you of lying Opinions are like area holes .... Everyone's got one And some of them stink
  6. I have a 300tdi and Tractor oil is fine as long as you change it religiously - at least once a year.
  7. Fanackerpan

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  8. Hi, I have reported this to the forestry commission through their app but not heard anything back. All these oaks are down a footpath/ driveway in West Sussex. Each pic is a different tree. Any suggestions?


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