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  1. Looking for a full time position either self employed or on the books whatever works out best for both of us. Willing to work anywhere in the country as long as it a good enough opportunity. All own equipment and relevant gear. Certificates I hold c.s 30, 31, 38, 39, 40, u.a1, 2, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3. First aid and rolo course. 11 years experience. I've traveled around the country as well as working abroad In Sweden, Norway and jersy. Give me a days work and I will demonstrate my experience and skills then we can go from there. Always the best way to do things i find. Give me a shout if your looking for a climber to take on the lead role! 07448434955
  2. Freelance climber available anywhere in the uk, if digs can be arranged and the money is right. 10 years experience. Can do attitude wont shy away from any job/tree. Highly skilled and competent climber. Punctual and wont let you down contact me 07950110290, email samraff88@yahoo.co.uk. C.v and references are not a problem. Thanks Sam rafferty
  3. Freelance climber available anywhere in the north east. 10 years experience. Can do attitude wont shy away from any job/tree. Highly skilled and competent climber. Punctual and wont let you down contact me 07950110290. Thanks Sam rafferty
  4. Samraff88


    Ive worked in sweden. Its a great place to work, pay is the same as here in england but the cost of living is much more expensive. Aspen is used all the time and it is sold in all the garages not sure if it mandatory.
  5. Freelance climber available wednesday, thursday and friday this coming week. 10 years experience. All relevant tickets. 07950110290 i f you want a proper climber on site this coming week give me a call.
  6. Due to cancellation i now have this week spare. if anybody needs a hand just give me a call 07563686462. Subby climber, you know what to expect and you will get that plus more. cheers sam. North east maybe yorkshire if its worth the travel.
  7. Had this week cancelled so looking to try and fill it back in. Experienced climber available short notice. If anybody needs a hand give me a call 07563686462
  8. I was out there for a while and getting 1700kr a day (£135ish) to start then managed to get to 1900kr (£155ish) after a couple weeks proving myself working for a private company in Stockholm. 6 months tax free I believe.....
  9. <p>I have emailed you my c.v. Cheers sam.</p>


    <p>Hello, can you send me your CV please.</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p><a href="mailto:" rel="">Matthew.bell@gts-trees.com</a></p>


  11. As the title says. You know what to expect from a freelance climber and that's exactly what you get from me. All relevant tickets, experience and attitude to do the job properly! If anybody needs a climber anywhere in the north east just give me a call or pm me. Cheers Sam 07563686462
  12. <p>Hi mate I'm interested in the work you have available can you give me a call on 07563686462</p>


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