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  1. Photo Competition - Win £100

    Sorry mate you know how it is, we do so many jobs like this day in day out it's hard to remember which one was which.😉
  2. Photo Competition - Win £100

    Couple for climbing maybe Rigging SRT And conny hedge topping...
  3. the 'todays job' thread

    Had a great last day before the holidays on Friday deadwooding 13 trees over some forest trails near Munich. We would have been lost without the big shot, we reckon the big fir was pushing 45m. I'm in the top of the fourth photo but the quality ain't great sorry!
  4. Any ideas what these beetles are guys?? Found quite a lot of them on some linden trees we are pruning at the minute. Are they harmful at all? Cheers!
  5. SRT: Since when?

    Ian, you told a judge to go **** himself?? How is that pan out??
  6. Size of rope

    11.7 cougar blue with hitch hiker. Best rope I've used!
  7. Back cut below gob cut?

    I think by the sounds of things he is doing it wrong, unless he is employing some of the more advanced felling techniques some of the guys are talking about. However if he is just 6 months out of the course and using it on every tree I doubt that he is. Does anyone use it to try and 'jump' the stem? I heard about it in Canada, putting the back cut in 4" to 6" below the notch if the tree has a slight lean the way you want it to go. Mostly applicable to climbing and knocking out the head to clear an obstacle but have heard 'stories' of people jumping whole trees over fences. Putting sticks in the gob to give it more pop and other such wizardry!
  8. Lessons learnt today...

    Haha made me laugh, thanks for that!
  9. The time has finally come

    If you just follow this guys tips you should get the hang of it in no time...😂 Seriously not sure if it's a spoof!
  10. the 'todays job' thread

    On the same job a rotten sycamore. In the last photo you can see my lunch bag at the bottom for some scale. The manitou struggled with it a bit!
  11. the 'todays job' thread

    A few decent takedowns over the last few days and got to try using a jack in the back cut of one of the stems. The jack was only rated to 2 tonnes and therefore didn't look at it considering the back lean it had to fight. A bit of an oversight on our part but thankfully had a manitou on site to help out!
  12. Getting jobs

    Paddy if what I hear about you is true, if you got your company name and number tattooed on your lower back I reckon it would the advertising equivalent of a blimp on New Year's Day in New York! ..hope your well mate!
  13. Woodchip tip sites Belfast?

    Try Clarke Cunninghams in Carryduff, about 4 miles outside of Belfast. They have a mountain of woodchip I'm sure they could take a bit more. Don't have a number but they're on the internet - Clarke Cunninghams Tree Maintenance Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk mobile app
  14. Help Wanted in the Great White North

    Worked with Steve for a year and it was a great experience. Big equipment, bigger trees and better yet hardly any rain! Would highly recommend this to anyone thinking of a change of scenery or simply looking to gain some experience abroad. Plenty to do in and around Toronto as well, it's a pretty cool city. Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk mobile app


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