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  1. Hedger

    Farmi-harvester bar

    Ahh I see thanks for that! I new I had heard of a conversion but wasn’t sure it would be the right thing to do or not.
  2. Hedger

    Farmi-harvester bar

    Anyone running a farmi processor with the harvester bar and chain? Any better/worse? Worth the extra money?
  3. Hedger


    £100 for 1.3 cubic meters of mixed seasoned hard wood here. Gave up on soft wood as people are to fussy on what they burn round us!!
  4. Hedger

    Soft wood

    Got a full artic load of soft wood, perfectly straight and perfect processor size for sale. Located just off junction 13 M5. Buyer to organise transport. Pm with offers thanks.
  5. Hedger

    Storing logs in piles

    Thanks very much for the advice sounds like it's worth trying then!
  6. Hedger

    Storing logs in piles

    Just wondering if anyone does or has processed all there stock a year in advance then store in a shed just in a big loose pile? This is what I'm thinking of doing as I have a large barn which I use for firewood that's dry and properly vented but am worried the logs in the middle will go mouldy. The wood going in would have been felled 12 months and be a mix of ash, beech and silver birch. I currently only do about 100 tones a year so it would all fit in the shed if pushed up.
  7. Hedger

    Softwood cord for sale

    Will need to double check length in the morning. Will post as soon as checked.
  8. Hedger

    Softwood cord for sale

    Full artic load of softwood cord perfect processor size dead straight. Good lorry access. Located in gloucester 5 mins off the M5. Open to sensible offers. No VAT. Message or ring 07977185856.
  9. Hedger

    Soft wood

    Hi all, I've got a full artic load of soft wood cord for sale in 2.5 meter lengths all dead straight and processor size, average diameter would be about 6-10 inches. It's been felled for 6 months and is located about 5 mins off junction 13 of the m5 gloucester good artic access. Open to sensible offers. Pm or ring me on 07977185856
  10. Hedger

    Survey of firewood price

    £100 for cube for ash & beech mix and £120 for 1.4 cube extra £10 to stack or carry. In gloucester
  11. Hedger

    advice on what processor to buy

    Speak to Jim at Riko about a farmi I can't speak highly enough of mine, I'm on my second machine from them now as traded up from the 30 to the 36. The infeed seems so uncluttered compared to other makes which makes it so much easier to get twisty and bent timber in. Jim is on here so hopefully he will see your post. Hope this helps.
  12. Hedger

    Lorry loads wanted

    After at least 2 artic loads of hardwood maybe more depending on price and quality and 1 load of processor sized soft wood. All delivered to gloucester area. Cheers
  13. Hedger

    wanting processor hire gloucestershire

    If it's all straight and easy stuff if you worked on roughly a tone an hour that's what we usually average. I'm stacked out at the moment but I have a mate from nympsfield who would probably be able to get there before I could if you want his number I can pm it to you.
  14. Hedger

    wanting processor hire gloucestershire

    Where abouts in glos are you? Do you want to hire with operator or with out?
  15. As beechwood says the best thing I ever bought was a grab and rotator to go on my 5tonne 360, load 10foot cords of 16" diameter straight onto the processor and anything bigger onto horizontal splitter then pick the billets up and stack in the shed ready for processing on a rainy day. If you have 25k to spend then you could buy a decent second hand 360 for £7000-£8000 then kit it up with a grab and rotator for another £1000.


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