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  1. Essex John ideal son it's the only way I ve heard. No need to think it's delicate we ve not got a log delta force on standby so I reckon your safe...... I think anyway. Who knows these things are a need to know basis and I guess I don't need to know maybe. Anyway I was a little confused as you started by saying your were buying abroad but now say you haven't exhausted all local avenues. Anyway nasty old business all of this. Hopefully you ll get plenty of offers from lads doing a decent product in your neck of the woods now. let us know how you go mate. I can't imagine you ll ever see a crap log again in your life after this lol. Great post btw in particular I like the role play exerts of potential phone calls genius.
  2. Log desperate.. I ll call you John if that's ok it's easier. You ve been asked one question numerous times by numerous of the boys on here trying to help you out. Many of which agree with your comments. John I reckon you ve been asked about six times on this thread what area you live in. No one is asking for your full name and address no one is even asking what town you specifically live in. But an area of the country would be nice and probably polite to reply to the lads making an attempt to help you out. Now No offence John but you have made numerous points about what is wrong with the industry and how many attempts to find a supplier you have made etc etc. Your complete desperation as a consumer etc etc You also refer to the fact that this is one of the industries biggest forums etc etc. Now I can see why some of the boys think this is a wind up because you say that you have come on here out of frustration but when people are asking you where you are I would imagine so they can potentially supply you and right some of the many many wrongs you have pointed out. you are completely ignoring the question and i can't work out why to be fair?? In my eyes if you have come on here out of shear frustration and yet imply you would rather by British then I would be snapping someone's hand off who is more or less publicly offering to supply you in an industry popular forum on a thread that is drawing masses of attention. I think you ve made your points and made them well now is the time to either hands up to being a supplier/ troll/ wind up yourself or take up some of the many open honest requests to supply you. We can all sit back then wait for your delivery of decent logs as I have absoloutely no doubt they will be. You can come back on here tell us publicly that ..... has supplied you and restored your faith in the British log industry. We ll hail them a hero for righting the wrongs and all go back to work knowing the future is bright for logs in this country. Just saying Thanks John 😜 ( disclaimer.... excuse the sarcasam at the end was all meant in light hearted jest certainly not to offend anyone or give the pretence I have a bad attitude) Come on John answer the question please.
  3. Hi we re a small arb company based in mid Devon. We re currently looking for a climber with some experience on a self employed basis. Works would include climbing and ground work, general arb work where applicable. The work would initially be part time as and when required. Please PM me for details or call 07773352473. Thanks
  4. Call stuart brown and ask for Ross . I'm Devon based to and run an entec chipper. I ve had loads of bits from them never failed to get hold of parts so far. It was the guys at timberwolf who put me onto them. 01525841842
  5. Hi thanks for keeping eyes open for me but that one isn't mine. Thanks anyway.
  6. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  7. Mate gutted for you I'm only 15 mins away and was done last Wednesday. I ll keep my eyes and ears open mate. Just keep going mate we can't let these people get to us they ll have their day
  8. Cheers lads thanks Andrew I didn't know that so I ll keep looking
  9. Thing is someone has to be buying our kit otherwise they wouldn't bother nicking it. Spoke to a mate yesterday his van was done in Weston and his saws taken. Like Steve said there's a lot going missing at the min. Begs the question really who is buying it all.
  10. Mate gutted to hear this for you just been done myself so I know that feeling of crying and giving up. Keep at it son like you say won't be beaten by these people
  11. Cheers lads, just hard to swallow this one, after my truck got nicked not 18months ago. Now comes the battle with the insurance company combined with everywhere being shut for Xmas etc. Can't see this being sorted on a hurry. Just spread the word though I wouldn't want anyone else getting done.
  12. Hi I'm based between honiton and cullompton, yard was broken into last night, workshop was done and all my saws etc taken. They been into my neighbours stables next door and turned all of the CCTV around. Husky 371xp, 357xp, 346xpg Stihl ms200t x2 Stihl kombi km130 with pole saw attachment Dolmar pb500 All taken. I'm not expecting any of it to come to any light but anyone else in the area just be careful there s been a few like this in my immediate area now. Landy nicked 18 months ago guess now all the saws lol brilliant. Anyway watch out boys
  13. Hi Darren where did you see it mate I can only find them in the states?


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