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  1. Jack P. You will soon realise that arb work is a bloody hard job done correctly. Arborist in the uk are a close nit community, we all look out for each other wether the work is going great or when you are at your lowest point. You only need to see how we all rally around each other to lend kit or a helping hand when we have been broken into or had kit break on us. You will come to realise we are a large family doing the same job in different areas. You broke the golden rule taking a client. It could have been a quick £50.00 or £5,000 it doesn’t matter. Following on from recent posts you say about making a quick extra buck doing pine trees that you took a risk on, it seems you are only thinking about what’s in front of you at that moment. The chap you were subbing to could have given you a lifetimes work which could have led on to bigger and better things. Look back and see how you can improve on your behaviour/attitude you may think you are on the up, but always remember the people you have passed to get there because I can assure you that you will meet them on the way back down. Unfortunately they won’t be the ones to put out a hand to help you back up.
  2. I’m in Gloucestershire, bit of a jaunt but send me a message once lock down is over and we could sort something. In the mean time keep using arb talk, you will learn so much on hear. Keep reading the books and ask for advise , people will always help in the world of arb.
  3. Where about in the world are you Ns2002. If you were close I’d be more than happy for you to come on site and collect some timber to use. Nothing is worse than burning wood with paint. You only need to read the latest government restrictions coming into place next year to do with wood burners. Id be more than happy to show you how to process timber ready for burning. i think you will get more satisfaction from doing this than cutting up an old shed. You seem keen to learn, ring some local arb guys and see what timber they have kicking about. I’d be happy for you to have a truck load of timber for an hours help. I’d also show you how to split and stack. Plus you can keep some bits for a project or two. i hope this helps simon
  4. By the sounds of things it would have been a safer job letting the old boy fell it. You only have to look on YouTube at the amount of accidents with people on ladders attempting tree work. Ladders for access only then get them away. get yourself on a certified course and learn from what you have done. Like someone else posted, it was only 45 feet. You can’t go with the “hope” approach on trees of this size or heaven forbid bigger. Keep safe and take it steady what ever approach you take
  5. You said you were aware of it falling on you?? It sounds like you have pushed your limits on this one. Personally id sit back and think is it worth £300 for carrying out such work. You would have been better off paying a sub contract climber for the day and learn off them, plus they would have kit to carry out a aerial rescue if needed. On another note which the way the NHS is busting themselves left right and centre at the moment you could have been a bit wiser with your decisions at this time. Not having a go but as a experienced climber I’ve seen to many have a go hero’s and it will always bite them in the butt. Get some decent kit and qualifications under your belt and learn with someone who is already experienced at what they are doing. It will then make it easier in the future
  6. Let me get this right. You pay £600 and can get work for a local authority/school turn up and do some arb work with no need for a quote, crb check or references Winner winner chicken dinner. One small apple to fell leave waste on site and then charge £1k /£5. Or £10k. And they won’t quibble.?? come on get real and now you want your money back. Accept the loss and move on. When things seem to good to be true they usually are.
  7. Madness.. you go and ask a dairy farm that I’ve driven for to fuel there 6 tractors and harvester for winter feed with white instead of red. They use 1,000 litres a day easily. I think people would soon moan when a pint of milk and loaf of bread triples in price, the knock on effect would be massive to the food industry.
  8. This is the trouble I’m having I know my budget won’t stretch to a new one and I’m not vat registered which is a killer. Looking at one on Wilson’s but 13thousand hours puts me off a bit doesnt have to be a Valtra but that is my personal preference for woodland work.
  9. 25inch log thin end 34-36inch thick end about ten to twelve foot section been down a fair few years, I can send some pics Monday if that helps Simon gloucestershire.
  10. On the hunt for a Valtra, max budget about £25k anybody have anything for sale.? Seems very little about at the moment
  11. I don’t mean to throw a spanner in the works but I’d look for a second tip site, if you are planning on tipping all of your rubbish at a specialist nursery, how are you going to explain the risk of cross contamination on some prime species when you bring in diesed tree waste. Just a thought as everyone else is saying, start banging in some hours with a firm to get the physical experience and saw experience. I hear so many people say I want to be a tree surgeon and climb, then get 20 feet up a small conifer and crap there pants. Just always have a plan b c d and e
  12. Hi tree Dan 

    give me a ring on 07825085286 self employed with full kit inc rigging and saws from top handle to 88 landy tipper and chipper if needed 


  13. I have a yard you can tip at in Randwick about 3 miles from painswick Drop me a message if it can be of help simon


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