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  1. Not another para unsure of his sexuality heading for a sex change??!!
  2. Hi mate where in Devon are you? I did Lantra quals through Devon Association of Small Holders. It cost about £15 a year to join and the courses were about £300 for the cross cutting and maintenance and small tree felling. The guy who runs the course is Mark Isted from near Newton Abbott. He is a great bloke and runs a very professional course. You may even be to make a deal with them for the use of your woodland for training getting a cheap course and your wood cleared????????
  3. I have a similar one to this by RAB and as it says in the link you provided it is good as a mid layer or outer which is true if it is a damp drizzly/light rain periodically but not something that i would want to be in hard hammering rain all day
  4. I have probably ten types of different jackets from wax barbours and various shooting jackets and technical gortex walking/mountaineering jackets but the one i always seem to be in is an American military gortex(heavy not light). This jacket works well with just a t-shirt under it or equally as well with a full system of layers for when temperatures are sub zero. I have used this in the deserts of every arsehole arab country you can think of and in the extreme colds of Norway and Antarctica and have yet to find one better for hard wearing and versatility. Even when they start to age you can retreat them with a TX Direct in the washing machine. They can be picked up very reasonably priced in army surplus or ebay. Make sure you get the American one though as the british gortex is not great.
  5. look on ebay for a military poncho sheet, they are very good wearing and are self healing if they get small holes pricked in.
  6. I have a double cab D40 Navara which pulls like a train, its comfortable even on motorways and the back seat folds into the bulkhead so you have a flat space to put your tools and secure them. It is also very good on fuel at about 31mpg and i am going to look at having it chipped to see if this can be improved more
  7. i clear the dog muck up in my garden and it takes no time if you are wanting to get the job i wouldn't let a bit of dog muck put me off. if its that much of an issue charge them another fiver and carry a small shovel to scoop it with
  8. on a 200tdi the best thing to do would be put diesel from the chipper in it!
  9. They say everybody needs god neighbors but i reckon a good neighbor lives at least a mile away!
  10. Hi mate Not sure what chainsaw quals you have but if you needed a cheap was of getting a LANTRA saw maintenance and cross cutting and small tree felling (equivalent of NPTC 30/31 i think) near to get you up and running go through DASH. DASH is Devon Small Holders Association for about 12 quid a year you can join and i think each course was about £150. The qual isnt as good as NPTC and is designed for the occasional user like fencers and landscapers but at least it would be a ticket to sell yourself with to local firms with. The guy who runs the course through DASH is called Mark Isted and he is based near Newton Abbott. Dash also run other courses that may be of interest like dry stone walling, hedge laying and the like. Hope this is of use, good luck.
  11. Under the Health and safety at work act your client is ultimately responsible for personnel (employed or self employed) on their property (private or commercial) this includes ensuring that certification for use of equipment and PPE/LOLER/Working at Heights REGS and so on are adhered to. Everything is fine until something goes wrong and at this point you and the client are in trouble. Not to mention if there turns out to be a TPO on this tree ......
  12. You are dead right i am making the most of it whilst it is available. the pay has already cut twice in 8 months. My email is busterbrown089@hotmail.co.uk. Apexarb i am abroad until feb so i will call you on my return. Many Thanks all Happy Xmas
  13. Hi All I have just joined the group and am looking for advice particularly from those in the South West of England. I Have Recently left the Royal Marines after 13 years and am looking into a career in Tree work and Fencing. I already have my Lantra chainsaw maintenance/cross cutting and small trees and was thinking of doing NPCT quals to include climbing. I have some previous experience climbing (mostly cliff assaults but still on a rope) and having been bought up in a rural environment have some experience fencing which includes close board, post and rail and stock netting. I am currently working abroad in a different line of work but wish to end this job in the next 2 years and want to be prepared for when the time comes. Any advice most welcome Happy Christmas Buster
  14. we used to have an old chainsaw with no blade and a pipe off the exhaust which was long enough to get to ground level when holding in a standing position and running the machine on a rich oil mix smoked the rats out to the dogs.


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