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  1. Treespotter

    Out of tension adjustment

    Yup, loose a couple of drive links. Oil will be a problem even with the machines maximum setting. You are probably way beyond the factory specified bar length.
  2. Treespotter

    Newby on the milling front

    This one is even better, forget the first few minutes and go directly to 4.00 minutes to see the beautiful inside of the tree.
  3. Treespotter

    Newby on the milling front

  4. Treespotter

    Newby on the milling front

    Thanks Daniël. I'll keep that in mind for the next time. But I think this stack is not left there for long. The lady that owned the tree has already contacted http://woodend.nl for a table.
  5. Treespotter

    Newby on the milling front

    As expected, this was a fine tree.
  6. Treespotter

    Newby on the milling front

    Thanks. I noticed that too.
  7. Treespotter

    Newby on the milling front

    This is the first stash.
  8. Treespotter

    Newby on the milling front

    Two weeks ago I took down a conifer and milled it. This probably is going to be a little harder.
  9. Treespotter

    Newby on the milling front

    A couple of weeks ago my Ecomill set was delivered. Fitted it on my 75 cm bar on the Dolly together with a milling chain. That combo rocks. In no time I milled enough to make myself a new garden picknick set. Last week I ordered through Koxdirect a 90 cm (36 inch) bar and 115 dl milling chain. Ready for Friday... A year ago I had to take down a nice walnut tree in a backyard with zero access ability. I was not going to cut it into firewood just to get it out of the garden. So Friday is D-day for the tree. The old lady found a carpenter that will transform my milled slabs into a table for her son. To be continued...
  10. Treespotter

    One reason I use Aspen

    Eh... That's not true. But the chance that someone at the Aspen plant fucks up is a lot smaller than any of us or our coworkers.
  11. Treespotter

    560xp problem

    Is that a good thing? [emoji23] Sorry, couldn't help myself.
  12. Treespotter

    Stihl MS462 vs Husqvarna 572xp

    Josh, could you do me the honour and weigh them again without oil and fuel? Weight with oil and fuel can be a tell tale about endurance. My Dolmar 6100 is fully loaded unstoppable. The fuel tank on that machine is the same as the one on an average truck. But the dry weight is probably the lowest of all when comparing the power.
  13. Treespotter

    Stihl MS462 vs Husqvarna 572xp

    So why do you even read this thread?
  14. Treespotter

    Stihl MS462 vs Husqvarna 572xp

    Haha, the Stihl guy told me that the Stihl would be 800 grams lighter than the 572 but it turns out that figure was not so high. Still significant but it turns out the difference is only 600 grams.


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