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  1. Echo CS360 TES top handled saw

    I know, but it fixes the nuisance. Wolter
  2. The Wee Chipper Club

    Good choice. I love mine. Just keep the blades super sharp. Touch them up with a sand stone to clean up the edges every now and than. You can do that job while leaving the blades on the machine. Wolter
  3. Echo CS360 TES top handled saw

    Duct tape? Wolter
  4. Tiny echo!

    Fuel blowback is something that happens an almost every make and model saw. Nothing to worry about. Wolter
  5. Tiny echo!

    Mmmm. Maybe a retune? Mine still starts on every first pull when warm. Wolter
  6. Tiny echo!

  7. Tiny echo!

    Yes you can but you have to modify the Stihl bar. Put the original Echo bar over the Stihl bar and mark the holes. Than drill the new holes in the Stihl bar. Wolter
  8. Small clip of yesterday's crane job.

    Still there. [emoji6] Wolter
  9. Small clip of yesterday's crane job.

    It looks worse than it is. Just below zero Celsius. Wolter
  10. Tiny echo!

    I love mine. I have been raving about my 2510 a lot. As the 2511 is a modified 2510 just to not get roasted there's not that much to rave about. We don't want to sound like a broken record. But hey, it's still a wonderful saw and during my work up in the tree it's my favourite. Wolter
  11. Tiny echo!

    No I haven't Rob. My mate has the ms 150 with the 1/4 inch chain. That chain really rocks. But I like my saws to have at least a 30cm bar and still not clog up. Wolter
  12. Tiny echo!

    Perfect. Wolter
  13. Tiny echo!

    More teeth. That's all. I'm on the 0.43 3/8 Stihl bar and chain. I like that combo because I can sharpen it with the regular 4mm file. With less teeth I'm also able to use a longer bar without exhausting the clutch. Wolter
  14. Tiny echo!

    👍 Wolter


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