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  1. Arborist Agency Australia

    ive worked for these guys so let me know if you still need any advice on working with them... but as a breif summary i can say theyre good communicators out here and nice people so no worries!!
  2. Tree help in Liverpool

    Hi we are local to the surrounding airport area my number is 07732528777 if you want to pass that on to your friend and one of our crew will come and take a look! My names john by the way! Thanks
  3. Climber/groundie with degree north west

    hello there are you still looking for some work? were based in woolton, liverpool... prob minimum of 3 days per week?? willing to travel woolton? my number is 07732528777 give me a text!
  4. Looking for subbie work!!!!

    alright mate you willing to work in liverpool? woolton? thanks
  5. Looking for climbing work.

    Im leaving a firm soon and they will be after a decent climber...are you looking for part time/full time employment?
  6. how to get work in California or Canada??

    I'm actually currently doing this... just thought id double my chances if i could hear what others arborists have to say about their experiences and their opinions on the best methods of contacting/approaching firms etc... surely that is using initiative?
  7. Redwood Deadwood!

    yeh it is! gary is a dude! I've enjoyed working for him and learnt more here than anywhere else probably including uni!
  8. Redwood Deadwood!

    I currently work (and have been for over year) for Bartlett tree experts! but on the weekends work for a liverpool company called Abbey Landscapes (sub contract)
  9. Redwood Deadwood!

    yeh man that could be pretty cool... so by rec climb... dyu mean climbing recreationally?? (sound daft don't i?) yeh maybe it has something to do with myerscogh college?... thats where i got my quails anyways... think it'd be cool to get a job doing photography from trees you know like wildlife etc.... my number is 07732528777 names john!
  10. how to get work in California or Canada??

    just had a look on art jobs for that vancouver job and can't find it so mustve lost it!! holy **** but i think i remember seeing it and it was for the davey tree expert... think i sent them a message!!
  11. how to get work in California or Canada??

    cheers for the tips dudes obviously any more is welcome it all helps doesn't it! I'm sure everyone wants to go out there if they have not already been! also, czlowiek... dyu mean call them on the phone from uk?? or wherever? thanks
  12. how to get work in California or Canada??

    yeh thats actually really helpful thanks, so did it take loads of applications to get one company to be interested in you? i feel like they should be interested because on paper i have a degree in Arboriculture and like 3 years experience etc.... but still find it difficult to get anybody to even respond? is it just perseverance i need or is there a way i can lure them in i.e. offering trials (unpaid even?).. thanks for the response anyways!
  13. Hi, just looking for some advice on how to get in with a company or have a company consider you for climbing in california or canada... looks like a better lifestyle than over here! any tips (or offers!!!??) would be greatly appreciated and I'm sure theres others out there thinking the same thing! thanks john
  14. Redwood Deadwood!

    well i am based in liverpool but currently work throughout manchester and cheshire with the company i climb for... looking to get a bit more sub contract local work really.. how about u?
  15. De-Humidifier Container Available! liverpool...

    ahh thats right yes, the man I'm currently doing some subbie work for (Neil Raffle) has recently bought his yard after he passed away... thats where the dehumidifier is yeh... by the way.. if you ever need an extra climber around liverpool or wherever... my numbers 07732528777... I'm john!


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