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  1. Do be perfectly honest, No! I've met some very good Aussie climbers but on the whole, no. They would rather sit in the shade or in the ute if it's raining. Hope no Aussies see this as I might get some s**t.
  2. Oz is awesome and if you have a couple of years under your belt before you go you will come on leaps and bounds quickly. Challenging trees and environment in general. Still looking for another climber
  3. Still looking for another climber. Get yourself a working holiday visa and get out here.
  4. Where you from in South Wales sawbee? I'm a Welsh lad, had to run away from the terrible weather though.
  5. Awesome opportunity for young climbers with no ties. What sort of experience have you got mate?
  6. Hi sixstrings. WA is the go mate. Best state in Oz Have a couple of mates working for Active in South Australia. All they do is powerline work, reckon its pretty cruzey. Your just a number to them though as they employ so many.
  7. Big companies are more than likely to supply kit but if your taking your own just make sure its all squeaky clean. Will
  8. You soon get used to them, unless your a bit of a fairy
  9. 2-3 years full time climbing experience preferred.
  10. Climbers Needed! Best state in Oz! Good Oppertunity, good pay. big trees etc. Pm for details....
  11. Climbers Needed! Best state in Oz! Good Oppertunity, good pay. big trees etc. Pm for details....
  12. Good oppertunity for someone looking to experience tree work down under. Good company to work for + lots of big removals
  13. Yeah straight from the british winter into the australian summer Should be interesting I've got the oppertunity to go now so i'm just gunna go for it, will just have to grin and bear the heat.


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