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  1. Surely 1 big cut better than 50 smaller cuts... well thats my rationale
  2. good call, think I'm going to do the same
  3. I'm flying out to perth on tuesday. i've read online that rope is a no no, as are carabiners as they could be used as knuckle dusters! but i've also read that many people have got away with it. Sounds like it's all down to who you get on security and there discression
  4. this sounds good.. pics would be much appreciated
  5. Mate you're just down the road! We have a farm at Shareshill! Got some trees too. Nothing big though. You be free next week?
  6. Marcus, that sounds aweful, the fact you still greive only goes to show what good owners you were to him and how much you cared. Thank you for your kind words. Chris jon, Thank you. I have read said poem and what you say are my sentiments exactly. I will always be his Dad and I simply couldn't be prouder, he was an absolute privilege to own. Chris Once again, I have been blown away by the kind words and heartfelt messages on here. What a community we have. Your words have provided comfort. I laid him to rest yesterday myself. Absolutely the right decision for me, I know that it was done properly and he was treated with dignity and respect. He is now resting at home sleeping so peacefully where he belongs. Chris
  7. exactly right He was hit by a third party and she was pretty shook up, I was very apologetic to her that she had to be on the end of that, I understand how hard it must be and I am truly sorry. the pet insurance will cover the damage to her car, further than that I could only offer apologies. I will live with the guilt for not having him under control for that split second, so many contributing factors played a part in the accident. He was generally a very well behaved dog but still young at two years, I opened the back of the van, I was parked near a quiet but what turned out to fast road. just as I leant in to grab his lead he spotted a cyclist, he hadn't yet had his walk so was full of energy and chasing bikes was his absolute favourite thing as this is what we did every weekend when I took him out with my mountain bike. he saw the bike, i took my eye off him for a split second, he ran, i called out, he heard me but it was all too late. There are so many things that could have been done differently but maybe his time was just up, I am prepared to shoulder the pain of that sight to know that he didn't suffer. I got him to a first class veterinary hospital within 5 minutes and they did everything possible for him and for a time there was hope but then the news came they had lost him. Tomorrow I will lay him to rest myself, my final duty that I owe to him.
  8. So many touching messages, it means a lot. Strange how I had no doubt that the members of this forum would respond this way. It's a cruel world and I have toughened myself to lot of things that it can throw at us, just as i'm sure many of us have but it seems that even a tough lots such as us arbs are helpless when it comes to the unconditional love of a dog.
  9. I just wanted to share him with people who hadn't had chance to meet him and to tell you how amazing he was and show him off in pictures. He was such a handsome dog and I was so proud.
  10. Thank you everyone. He was such a stunning dog, just didn't deserve such a thing. God I hope so.
  11. Taken from me today, in the most horrific fashion involved in a road traffic accident, an image that will haunt me forever. Toby you gave everything ever asked of you, your love was unconditional and the hole left in my heart will never be filled. I hope in your short two years on this earth I gave to you the life of adventure and fulfillment you deserved, you were my shadow and would follow me to the ends of the earth. you were there for me through hard times and have given me the sweetest memories to last a lifetime. You spread joy everywhere you went and to everyone you would meet. I'm sorry I let you down mate, I'm sorry i let you feel pain and i'm sorry for all the times that I didn't take you with me or didn't give you that bit of fuss you came after, just because I was too tired or preoccupied with something else. Thank you for the Memories.
  12. found some old springs knocking around and it has definitely improved things. 3 new springs will sort it I reckon. good work guys, cheers.
  13. Okay cheers guys, I'll give the new springs a try. And let you know how I go.
  14. Also, no not stalling when chain brake applied. I can forsee it being carburettor related tbh.
  15. Thanks for all help. Chain tension is fine, still runs when over tight too. Clutch springs do look fine, didn't consider they could be worn. Have tinkered with the low and tried to balance the idle like I have before on other saws but it's not solving the issue. Too low and the chain is still wanting to run and the engine is just cutting out. Sounds like best option is to drop it in and get it tach'd


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