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  1. isnt charles hil just a shtil retailer?
  2. We are two trainee Arbs in the process of getting our climbing and chainsaw ticket’s(C30,C31),(C38,C39,C40) and we are both studying at Riseholme college in Lincoln in Lincolnshire on a Arboriculture and forestry management course. We are looking for some part time work at weekends to get some experience, work to be Grounding/climbing. We will do anything from felling to target pruning or even just simple jobs as snedding or grounding. We have learnt how to; • Target Pruning • Crown lifting/Raise • Dismantle trees(Not to big) • Climbing to a C38, C39 and C40 including Ariel rescues • Climbing with spurs • Ground clearance • Thinning • Both have used saw’s on regular basis and will be taking our tickets shortly (CS30,CS31) • Felling Our equipment • Full PPE (climbing helmets fixed with visors and ear defenders), sthil type C classification 1 chainsaw trousers, sthil gloves and chainsaw protection boots • 1 full climbing kit • 2 small sthil saws (MS261,MS171) • Full felling kit e.g (felling lever) • Strimmers • Hedge trimmers If you need any work doing from just a simple groundie to snedding call us on (07805654451or07540924208) or drop us a text. OR contact me on my email [email protected] WE ARNT SCARED OF A HARD DAYS WORK! We may not be able to get transport but something can be arranged. And will travel if needed. Cash in hand is prefer. Thanks for reading and hope to work with anyone reading this in the future.
  3. Should i keep them in the greenhouse or leave them out when have solid root structure?
  4. any mills in the lincoln area?
  5. Both valid point but I think it seems its up to me to decide. cheers
  6. Jonny Pulford


  7. Ive been looking a few few harnesses and need a little help Im a first time buyer as I have been on my college course for 6 months now. The harnesses that caught my eye were; TEU001 - treeMOTION Harness and PET204 - Petzl SEQUOIA SWING Harness Pros and Cons please guys!
  8. mate id hate that, nasty stuff. but works work!
  9. try riseholme college in lincoln they may be able to fit you in with some of there students if they have an available slot
  10. 12 to 14 inch bar should just be fine


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