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    Calculating RPAs of extensive hedgerows

    Thank you for your help both. We are at very early stages at the moment. The client doesn't even have a draft design ready yet but as things go I would expect that they would be looking to incur on the vegetation. Thanks again
  2. Calibre_Consultancy

    Calculating RPAs of extensive hedgerows

    Hi all, Just a quick query with regards to a clients wanting hedgerow RPAs. If your TOPO has the hedgerow extents plotted and in some cases the hedgerows centre lines, do you just get yourself an average DBH for the whole hedgerow and measure the RPA from the centre line of the hedgerows? I ask because obviously the width of the hedges will in many cases be much further out from the stems than the RPA radius and also just because you have a centre line, this doesn't represent where the hedgerows stems actually lie and therefore the RPA would be inaccurate in places because the stems are all over the place. Or do people just place the RPA lines in line with the extents of the hedge itself? If anyone can answer this for me it would be much appreciated!
  3. Calibre_Consultancy

    Calculating RPAs of extensive hedgerows

    Yes thanks I had already read that section and have recorded the dimensions as per the regs but then it says collect this info to ensure that the constraints can be fully assessed. No specific mention of RPA calculation which is itself a constraint ??? Im just assuming that the extents of the hedge is more of a consideration as a constraint than the RPA calculated from DBH
  4. Calibre_Consultancy

    Calculating RPAs of extensive hedgerows

    Ya.. In this case the hedgerows are in the middle of the plot, they are to be retained and the proposal designed around them.... and the retained trees obviously. Is it me or is this not covered somewhere in 5837 ..... I couldn't find it in there. Thanks
  5. Calibre_Consultancy

    Self Employed Tree Surveyors/ Inspectors Required

    We are currently expanding our client base and are looking to gather together a small list of qualified and reliable self employed tree surveyors for on site data collection throughout Greater London, Surrey, Hampshire, Kent and surrounding counties in the South and South East. The majority of work will be data collection conforming to BS5837:2012 on proposed development sites and also on larger scale tree health and safety survey sites. Relevant Level 3 qualification in Arboriculture and Professional Tree Inspectors certificate required as a minimum. Previous experience and Driving licence essential. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us at consulting@calibretc.co.uk.
  6. Hi all. I have a client with a site that has an existing consent, won on appeal, for a number of units (which they are to replan with new application) with no conditions relating to tree felling, protection etc The site is in a conservation area and I'm not sure if separate consent for felling / access pruning works would be required for removal of any trees due to the re-plan of layout. ? Am I right in thinking, that they will have to show any significant trees to be removed as part of the new site application which will be subject to approval? Thanks for any input
  7. Calibre_Consultancy

    How to become an arboricultural consultant

    I agree. Shadowing is the best way to learn the work, the processes and mind set that you have to adopt. This is what I did a little while back. Try get in on some simple pre app sites with a consultant, even site monitoring and pre- commencement meetings if they let you. I also firmly believe that getting an understanding from the local authority point of view is very valuable, so you can learn how they assess work and plans that come in from arb consultants .. The standards vary greatly in my experience and tree officers always welcome a very select few consultants that work in their areas..the rest just overload them with rubbish and schemes that don't work. So even an eye in on a planning dept for a couple of days a week for a few months would certainly be beneficial in my opinion. There are quite a few high level consultants out there without the degrees and prof dips.. but have a huge amount of knowledge and experience. Im sure the level 6 quals help if your coming direct from academia but it is not really necessary to have all that !
  8. Calibre_Consultancy

    Tree Surveyors in Birmingham

    I have emailed you Bill to find out more.
  9. Calibre_Consultancy

    Good Recruitment Companies?

    If you web search them, their agency side is now CTC recruitment.Changed their Ltd name recently. They usually have climbing, groundie and office based positions / staff available.
  10. Calibre_Consultancy

    beefing up our team

    think my mate ging might be with you guys now
  11. Calibre_Consultancy

    Sole Trader Tax Accountants

    Hi guys, Can anyone recommend any tax accountants that are worth looking up for the end of year stuff, obviously preferably someone who knows the trade. Thanks in advance
  12. Calibre_Consultancy

    Soil Maps

    Evening all... Anyone happen to know where to find/ purchase local geographical survey mapping for London (soil maps) ? Any sites online with free tile viewing? Thanks in advance
  13. Calibre_Consultancy

    Soil Maps

    cheers guys...have just found this also iGeology | data.gov.uk app for iphone and android smartphones Gives you decent scaled geographical survey mapping on the move (so long as you have a data connection)
  14. Calibre_Consultancy

    Arb Surveyor/Consultant needed in Australia

    id love to go for this ..but alas...responsibilities
  15. Calibre_Consultancy

    Tree surveying

    LANTRA Professional Tree Inspector 3 day course.. A lot of employers want this now..
  16. Calibre_Consultancy

    GPS/ GIS Surveying Hardware

    Thanks for the heads up Paul..Im on to them
  17. Calibre_Consultancy

    GPS/ GIS Surveying Hardware

    Hello all, Anyone got any decent quality (working) surveying equipment they are selling on? I need handhelds only.. Not tablet PCs I'm interested in Trimble Juno's, Magellan etc PM me if you have anything Thanks in advance
  18. Calibre_Consultancy

    Looking for surveying work

    .....tis a tad rubbish though.haha
  19. Calibre_Consultancy

    TPO changes?

    ...Coming into force, 6 April 2012
  20. Calibre_Consultancy

    TPO changes?

    New changes to the TPO regs have come in today.. worth a quick look up as will affect service docs etc
  21. Calibre_Consultancy

    Tree Data Capture Software

    Afternoon all, Im looking at purchasing some new map based data collection software and GPS logging hardware. Wondering if anyone has experiences good or bad of what is out there. Im a consultancy outfit so it is simply accurate data capture that I need, no budgeting or Customer management bits required. The hardware, I have already made a decision on but as yet undecided on software.. Depends on price, adaptability, ease of use, continual development etc. PocketGIS is an option. The standard Ezytreev, Arbortrack are a little more than I need for the work I do. Many thanks
  22. Calibre_Consultancy

    Tree Data Capture Software

    Im looking at sub meter.. so MMCX or MM100 price range really. Cant really rely on anything less for large scale surveys etc..Thank you for the help and the leads, Im talking to Digiterra at present.
  23. Calibre_Consultancy

    Advice needed

    you did your work, she paid for it. Any reasonable person would agree that plants would need watering and maintenence within that 2 year period to allow them to establish. Sounds like she hasnt got a clue, a lot of hot air
  24. Calibre_Consultancy

    Tree Surveying

    Hello All, If any of you out there happen to have any tree surveying work, now or in the future, I can provide a Level 5 qualified, experienced inspector to carry out work professionally with quick turn around times and at competitive rates. We are based in London but can travel nationwide, depending on volume of work. If so, please get in contact. Thanks Ross @ Calibre 07568089434 info@calibretrees.co.uk Home - CALIBRE TREE CONSULTANCY: Your Complete Tree Management Solution
  25. Calibre_Consultancy

    Small Network of Tree Surveyors Required - London & South East England

    Hello Ian, are you still looking into this or do you have enough surveyors now. Many thanks


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