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  1. I have a 390 and it's a great little saw mine came on 325 . 050 chain with a 15" bar and considering its cc it's not all that far behind the stihl 261 I have at work cutting up to and occasionally over bar length hardwood coppice (with the added bonus that it doesn't eat it's clutch bearing every 5 mins like the stihl). I also have a 10" carving set up which goes nicely with the 390 but I recon a 450 would be a bit too bulky for carving with. So in conclusion I'd happily recommend a 390 but as others have said either saw will serve you well
  2. I had a 620sx on demo for a couple of days last week and even though it came with a 20" bar as opposed to my 560xp running 18" it handled the bigger bar with relative ease. Much as I like my husky I think when the time comes for replacing it my money will be going to the echo dealers as the 620 just feels better made and much better at dealing with a buried bar in hard woods.
  3. I recon there's a fair bit of rose tinted specticle wearing going on with regards to the older generation of saws. At one point I had a 254xp 353 and 550xp at the same time and much as the older saws had grunt and cut fine they were no match for the 550 especially when things like anti vibe and fuel consumption come into the equation. Don't get me wrong I'm amongst the first to say they don't make em like they used to and the latest offerings from both stihl and husky seem to have enough issues between them to consider looking elsewhere, maybe this is why the likes of dolmar/makita and echo are gaining popularity but I guess time will tell
  4. It does come with a chain cover but I'm sure you can find a use for your spare
  5. For a saw of its cc, weight and price it punches way above its weight. They do take a while to loosen up (about a gallon of fuel) but after that it will hold its own against any comparable saw from stihl or husky. Here is mine having just happily knocked down a 13 inch chestnut 👍🏻😃
  6. Having had this for a while now I've decided to move it on to someone that will use/ appreciate it for what it is as I just don't get to use it and it's a shame for it to sit in my shed just gathering dust. I know these are becoming a collectable saw however I'm not after collector type money (£100 ono) buyer would need to collect from Kent as this thing is far to heavy to be posting plus I'd like any prospective buyer to see/try before buying. Any interest please reply here and I'll get back to you asap.
  7. I've put in my order with a local dealer and gone for the echo. will it be ok on the same husky Xp 2 stroke oil my other saw uses or is that really only for the auto tune engines
  8. I'm considering getting a new little saw for the days cutting small stuff when a husky 560xp on 18" with 3/8 chain is a bit overkill. I've had and liked the 550xp and an older 353 from husky and my main saw where I work is a stihl 261 with the usual bearing issues and its generally just not as nice to use as the huskys. However as I'm looking for a real weight saving I'm looking more at 40ish cc which husky don't do for pro and I'm not convinced with stihl. the two that come up most often in that range seem to be the echo 390esx and the dolmar 420. So the question is from those with some real experience of either model which is the one to go for and why. Cheers
  9. Could be worth trying Equinox recycling as I believe they're based on the outskirts of tonbridge and I've heard they are a very reasonable and professional outfit
  10. How would you guys that use the 390 rate it as a coppicing saw as at the moment I have a 560xp which is great but a little overkill for small (sub 6" diameter) hazel/chestnut cutting. Thinking that a nice light nimble 390 could be just the tool but don't want to spend out on a saw that isn't up to the job
  11. Tractor62


    Disgusting behaviour from an outright bunch of thieves
  12. Thanks for the info shavey the front hand guard/chain brake handle appears to have been replaced with a part from a husky or similar so I'm guessing that it's previous owner had trouble finding an original part. 30" bar sounds a bit on the big side for 70cc I was thinking of putting a 20-24" on and see what it's like for a bit of milling
  13. I've recently picked up an old but from the looks of it very well looked after Dolmar 123 and just wondered what people's opinions of them are? From the very brief bit of cutting I've done so far it seems very strong in the cut and as I'd expected it blitzed my mates year old Stihl 261 in a cut test on a bit of seasoned hornbeam. However I realise it is an old beast and there's not much info about on Google so thought I'd see if it should go into preservation or become a bit of fun saw to show the young uns I work with just how lucky they are with anti vibe ect on their shiny new stihls and occasionally show them just what an old saw can do 😀
  14. My vote has to be the 550 as I've used both and the 261 just feels clunky and dated to me. That said if I was in the market for a new 50cc saw then the Echo would definitely be a contender as would the makita/dolmar both of these seem to be gaining popularity with commercial cutters and they're usually a fair indicator of what is/isn't worth having.
  15. Got my pair of these today and initial impressions are very good they are a tad on the stiff side however once they are broken in a bit I have every confidence that these will be properly comfy and hard wearing just like my old Tibet forests They are just as shockingly bright as the pictures show but as others have said I'm sure that will soon fade 😀👍🏻


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