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  1. Swaged? It's compacted during manufacture so doesn't crush as easily. I've been wondering about that. Thanks.
  2. Pull is 5.5 tons, capacity is 75m. I think due to the design of the winch (it has a level wind system) it needs to use steel rope of 12mm otherwise it will wear the rope very quickly and also not lay it on the drum properly.
  3. Hi guys. I've just picked up a Werner F56 for my mog, but it doesn't come with a cable. The level wind is set up to work with 12mm but that's about all I know. I'm new to this and haven't a clue what sort of cable to fit to it? I thought I'd just go online and find winch rope but not so, there are about a dozen different strand types just on the one website I've looked at! 6 strand, 26 strand, 37 strand, plastic infill or no plastic infill. Twist resistant or not? Most seem to have a pretty similar breaking load of between 12-14t at 12mm. I guess twisting doesn't matter much when pulling logs? Picking something very durable I would think is my priority and galvanised to avoid corrosion, but they all say they're very durable. Is one type likely to spring and throw itself around less than another if it snaps? I'm baffled so if anyone could explain it to me in simple terms I'd be really grateful!
  4. Hi guys. I need a new mower again! Currently looking at Etesia, the 46 pro model of some sort. I'm looking for user reviews please - most of us use our kit hard so I'm sure there will be a few of you who have loved or hated yours?! I'd be very grateful for some feedback.
  5. Right, just looked at their site. It's reminded me why my subconscious had steered me away from the Kaaz. Solid machine for sure, we had one for a while but we sold it again. Why? That silly blade clutch lever! Fine on a left turn but on a right turn you have to reach right over the bars to keep the blade running as the blade lever is only on the one side rather than all across. That did it for me. I used it for a month and was sick of it! Not a huge issue but enough of a silly niggle for me to decide I wasn't playing any more. The Kubota has also added the handle brace like that fitted to the newer Honda's. The Kaaz under heavy use will probably experience the handle wobble that used to appear on the older Honda's. Too much pressure on too small an area and the bolt holes open up.
  6. I had wondered about the Kubota being one of the Kaaz machines. It looks very much like the old Honda which all of those are based upon. To be honest all that does is increase my confidence. The old Honda's were proper solid. Until a few years ago I was mowing my ex boss's lawn with one from the 70's. I think it had needed a new drive at some stage but besides that it ran like a new mower!
  7. I need it to do both ideally. Some of the customers don't want to pay for a regular cut but like it short. The best mulcher in the world couldn't make it tidy because the way the lawn is maintained is all wrong. The customer is always right, even when they're not!
  8. Has anyone used a Toro? I had a little mulching ride on when I first started out which although it didn't feel all that solid, just refused to give up. The one I'm looking at is a 22157 Proline.
  9. A big local dealer has a good range. All the ones I'm considering in stock. I might have to drive over and have a look. From the catalogue, the Viking MB756GS looks nice. Blade clutch, big box and variable speed. I'll have to see if I can find more info re. the mulching as I have a couple of lawns that I don't collect.
  10. So the locking drive wheels when you try to pull back the HRX is an expensive fix? One of ours has just stared playing that game. I say just - it's been doing it for a season now on the odd occasion. I'm going to have a closer look at the Viking machines now. I wouldn't have even considered them until they were mentioned here. I thought Viking was Stihl's "toy" range! Edit.... I hate the look of the handles! Or should I say handle? It's one sided! Not sure about that!
  11. Interesting re. the Honda HRX transmission. The chap I sub for has two and they are beginning to grumble a bit. You can feel they're not quite right. I'll pass that info on! I'm not against spending a grand or so. Possibly a bit more. The Etesia pushes my limits somewhat at over £2k for one with a blade clutch. That may be a little steep. Mowers are a tough one but one thing I know is that I've used cheap in the past and it's not fun. I tend to liken it to driving from Cornwall to Scotland on a moped or in a Merc or even a Rolls. You don't really need the Rolls, but I'm bloody sure I wouldn't be doing it on a moped! Some money needs to be spent both to make better use of time and for user comfort.
  12. Some great machines being suggested chaps. Thanks. Interestingly, Honda has had some mention but not a lot. That surprises me a bit. Are they getting a bit past it perhaps? I've just noticed that the Kubota mentioned above has little detachable pieces on the bottom of the alloy deck. I wonder if they are plastic skid plates? Now that really would be clever!
  13. 4wd sounds a bit gimmicky on a push mower! If it skids a bit you can, well, push it. It's not like getting a pickup full of logs bogged down! I had a look at the Etesia mowers. They look good but only the top two models appear to have a blade clutch, and the mulching facility sounds very basic (shove a plate over the discharge). That's something else to get left on a job when rushing. Another thought I had that's pro Honda is the plastic deck on the lower end models. When on your own you can slide it down steps without scratching them. Currently not an issue on any of my jobs but it has been in the past with the alloy ones.
  14. I like the look of that Kubota. Will look at Etesia too. Agreed, I've killed a gearbox on every Honda I've ever used. Mind you three days hard contract mowing every week takes it's toll on even the best of kit!
  15. Push mowers for me. Most of the lawns I cut don't have access for a ride on. I do mainly small/medium domestic.


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