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  1. I was wondering if anyone has a kiln running off a 50KW log boiler and whether this would just be too small? As I already have the boiler on commercial RHI tariff for the boiler (heats the cottage and my office/workshop), I wondered if there would be any scope into looking into this?
  2. Hi A few of my customers would be keen on bulk processing for biomass boilers and I was wondering if anyone has experience on this? Ie the tractors are red diesel and if you were pulled by VOSA you could not pull the agriculture purposes card? Is this legally a no can do?
  3. Loose cubic meters from artic of beech

    Thanks for all the replies.It has been really useful to get a guide on what other folk are getting. It sounds to me that worst case scenario you will get around 37.5 cubic meters from a 25T artic, norm of around 45 cubic meters and anything better a bonus. I have done well this year then with 55 cubic meters per 25T load @55 /T ex vat delivered!
  4. Loose cubic meters from artic of beech

    Hi Everyone I just finished processing an artic load mainly consisting of beech, with some elm and syscamore. There is still a couple of tons of larger stuff to process but have filled 55m3 bags. I have to admit did not expect to get as much volume and once the other stuff processed will be close to 60m3. Some of it is quite fresh but some of it is drier. My question is what are other folk achieving from 25T artic lorry load on average with fresh hardwood? With fresh birch was getting nearly 2m3 to 1T so was pleasantly surprised with this beech. I would be really interested to hear other people's findings. Thanks James
  5. Posch S-360 sawdust extractor

    In the end I got Tajfun extractor at great cost and it sort of does the job, but it does block with bits of bark mainly and have had to change from 1080 pto to 540 in offer to give extractor enough juice so tractor consumes almost twice the fuel. Barely worth it. I think Deedside's idea is not a bad one.
  6. Looking for advice on used Valtra tractor

    I managed to find a 2006 N91 Valtra at Netherton tractors, 7199hrs, loader,for £16,800. Went to see it so looked like the best option and will get timber trailer from JASP.
  7. Hi I am on the hunt for a used Valtra Tractor. Firstly will be buying from dealer with tractor checks to ensure not stolen. I am looking for a tractor that is manufactured after year 2000, hours under 10K for pulling a timber trailer. Most work will be forwarding timber roadside to processor although it may occasionally visit woods. I have already sourced a 11T timber trailer from JASP Wilsons but am on look out for a good tractor, Reason I want Valtra is because a lot of their models have swivel seats which important for me as I am just recovering from a spinal fusion so will have to be careful about twisting in future. Jasp were offering a 2000 Valtra 6400 with 8,500hrs for around £15.7K which I felt was maybe about £2K too much. Does anyone have thoughts or advice on this?
  8. Delivery trailer

    As you may know I got pulled over by VOSA over tacograph affair in January but because my firewood business is part of an active farm I was exempt and after much chasing I even got £400 back from VOSA for the days they incorrectly prohibited my trailer. My MP, Danny Alexander wrote to Mr Peoples about it and I did even get an apology letter from him! There are some exemptions but you do need to check you whether or not you fall within the categories. If unsure I would contact VOSA to check. For instance if I get a driver to deliver my loads then I would need a taco.
  9. Wood chip drying and business

    I know Jamie at Alvie quite well, I have already had a look around their chipping operation which is impressive. My main thoughts were whether these drying shipping containers were any good? Also I hear what other are saying regarding chipping seasoned wood, it would mean less drying and I have a big shed where I air dry the logs. Up here it is always raining so for chips I think it would require some form of artificial drying to ensure they are of a sufficient standard. I know Jamie has queried me about firewood processing in past so maybe I should ask if there is a way we can collaborate.
  10. Wood chip drying and business

    Hi Everyone There are a number of large estate houses up my glen all guzzling oil and I know that at least one is planning on changing to woodchip. As I already do the firewood I thought I could expand into this area if I spoke with estates and they showed interest. The only thing is costs! I would need another tractor and timber trailer, a decent chipper. I would of course need somewhere to keep and dry chips. Are the sea containers which blow hot air through any good at drying chips? I could install a log boiler to dry the chips? Has anyone experience on this? I realise there is a big investment on all this new machinery and one of my biggest concerns would be the cost of building a number of large stores, which might make the whole thing unfeasible? Be grateful for thoughts? James
  11. POSCH 350 'v' POSCH 360 - SPEED

    I have only had 360, what i like is when you have a log that is under 35 cm in breadth but good a 40cm height it still goes through. It will handle twisted bent wood but you really have to cut slowly, I have already caught blade a few times on bent lengths of wood which kills the belt.
  12. Handy little tool.

    you would not want to be going for a stroll anywhere near that thing! Imagine the splinters! Awesome machine but I can imagine maintaining those cutting blades must be a bitch, particularly if you hit a stone.
  13. Who make the best Telehandler.

    I get by very well with my second hand Bobcat 863 (£8,000 cost me delivered Ebay) which can lift 1T pallets, can turn like a tank, easy to change from bucket to forks. I think it could just about stack 3 1m3 bags high although I only ever stack 2 high.
  14. Looking for hardwood - Highlands

    Keep on nagging them day after day, wear them down! That is what I do!
  15. Rivals to Posch 360

    I found that I was spending a lot of time sharpening chains, bars etc, a lot of maintenance issues as well, oil pump going, blocks etc. I felt Circular blade the way to go and thus far am really pleased with my decision. Will cut out oil costs, fractionally less sawdust waste, cleaner sawdust. Costs of bars and chains will be much the same as circular blade maintenance and eventual replacement. Saying that the 400 is an impressive piece of kit, but I do not think I would ever go back to chains and oil again. Not sure if inhaling chain oil from processors year in year out is such a good thing either (something Wilson s told me about although this was after I had got the Posch). I think it all comes down to want you are comfiest with. Also I found with Tajfun 380, folk helping me even after being told still forced the bar through the wood, affecting the chain, bar, sprocket, drive shaft and drive belt! I think the Posch will be a bit more use friendly.


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