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  1. Saw this on FB a few weeks back. Does make you think. I’ve worked on many, many trees next to and overhanging water, last time was only last week and I had that sad story constantly on my mind.
  2. I think that the premium pump fuel is changing to 95 so basically you’ll be paying the premium price for what is currently standard petrol.
  3. Now you mention it, it is a bit stiffer than say a 200T but nothing that my shovel hands couldn’t cope with. Sound like yours may be worse than mine. Hopefully a new spring might sort it. Where do you order your parts from? Skyland Equipment did well sourcing parts for the 350 a while back but I think they struggled. Just ordered some 620sx parts from Motoruf but no sign of them yet.
  4. Hi Darkslider, I have the cs-350tes and it’s my favourite top handle. The hand guard on mine is also flexible so you get use to pulling back on the half nearest the sprocket side to disengage the chain brake.
  5. Other than the StumpBuster franchise, I only know of two other people who purely did stump grinding, both have now stopped trading. Most of the tree surgery businesses, with the exception of start ups, have their own machines.
  6. Hi Arborspective, In my experiences working within the urban environment, and vacations around England and Wales, I don’t think that there is a massive variation of species in the different parts of Britain. I’m in Cambridgeshire about 60miles North of London and the common species are Leylandii & Lawson Cypress’s, Sycamore & Maples, Robinia & Gleditsia, Beech, Oaks (English, sessile, turkey, red), Horse Chestnut, Eucalyptus, Ash, Yew and Silver Birch. We generally get the warmer/dryer weather in the South-East so you also see a lot of Cordyline and Trackycarpus in gardens. Not a tree but the thing I hate most is Bamboo, and people that grow climbing rose and vines up trees.
  7. Looks toast to me, but soon there’ll be some better saw mechanics than me that will comment.
  8. Does anyone know if there is a design flaw in the 620sx oil pump. Just about to replace mine for the second time in a fairly short period of time due to a worn flat spot on the gear. Maybe I’ve got a dodgy worm So I’m replacing that as well.
  9. Recently replaced my. It’s high, 180/190 foot pounds. My torque wrench only went up to 150.
  10. Thanks Stere, i’ll have to remember that site. I’ve also got a 350tes which is my favourite top handle, even over the 200t’s but finding parts for any of my Echo saws is a nightmare!
  11. I start on and used the Grillon for years. It was ok but the thing that boiled my piss was that it wouldn’t pass loler unless it had Petzl’s own hugely overprice rope in it. Switched to Art, you can use any 1/2 inch rope fo4 that and it works just as well, if not better.
  12. What is it and how does it react to hard pruning? Thanks
  13. We only very occasionally work in Chatteris. We do have a job in Mepal coming up soon but I have a feeling that they are keeping the chip and wood. Will keep it in mind should anything come up in the near future.


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