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  1. Hi All, bought a new Stihl 441 saw about 3 months ago been well impressed with it great power until using it lately seems to be de powered! Any reason... good mix, air filter is fine... no H or L to tune carb now so plug into diagnostics is only option...
  2. Looking to upgrade from my botex 8t to a bigger trailer and have come across the big foot with a 570C crane. Looks a well built very strong trailer with wide wheels 600’s and crane with a 2T lift. My only concern is it’s quite heavy weighing around 4T empty. I do a fair bit of road work and wanted to know wot it’s like on the road and how much horse power is needed to pull it... currently have a McCormick MTX 120hp tractor 🚜 cheers 👍
  3. Big difference in price extra 15k for 50 plus u would need big timber 24ton ram 12 way splitter to get the output! To justify a 50 u need to be processing a lorry load a day (hakki pilke reps words!) job to beat the 42 and hear good reports of tafjun 480... having a dealership close by is worth it’s weight & gold!!! Back up is everything!
  4. Yeah where abouts in South Wales...
  5. jamesmerriman7

    Hopshill Firewood

    We can accept all timber waste. Please call ahead. Forestry trailer, posch 30t splitmaster, mobile Firewood processing, Doosan 6tonner 360 grabs and thumb grab.
  6. I thought it was steep never bought by the cube before! Waiting to hear back from some other suppliers...
  7. Been quoted Larch £70 per cubic meter in 5 meter lengths delivered 8 inch upwards west wales. Thoughts...
  8. Tried going off the conveyor motor but didn't work... log deck and sawdust extractor run off those 2 functions
  9. Got a hakki pilke 1x42 fitted with a log deck and saw dust extractor as extras which run off processor. I have bought a posch log fix screener/cleaner which run off hydraulic's (infeed & outfeed pipes) but my tractor hydraulic spools are faulty. Which part of the processor hydraulics can I tap into? Has anyone else got the same system? Running 3 pieces of equipment off the machine. Been told pump is big enough! Any help or advice be much appreciated cheers
  10. Looking at a 6m length of going straight up into the roof. The roof is a corrugated concrete fibre roof so would have to make a hole. Next question would be how to stabilise the pipe as a a lot of weight on exhaust (straight pipe exhaust) and the against the roof... tractor will be staying there for 10 months of the year needed for hay making in summer
  11. Having auto extract a company found on internet to come out and give me some advice... be interesting to see wot they say and costs...


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