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  1. Yeah until we start it’s a job to know but with it being close to home it’s a massive plus! Wouldn’t have to be on the search or hardwood and make money on chip for my butty! It’s how I pay for the boys to fell when my cordwood when it’s sat for 18months to season and the chip has a value straight away! I feel I would have to pay the groundies on a day rate to fell then I make the profit on the firewood! Thoughts...
  2. Got the kit! I’m a firewood dealer so would have the cordwood and my friend has the chipper who would sell the chip to biomass
  3. There’s a lot of trees talking 500t hence the felling licence and some re planting will be done on hedges as it’s all big stuff!
  4. It’s close to home! Doesn’t sound right paying the landowner to cut trees and doing all the hard yards for him! I know there’s value of firewood & chip but still got to pay to cut it, 2 men, diesel, depreciation of kit etc It’s would be a 2 year project felling license needed...
  5. Question! got 2 companies felling trees for land owners for free to get biomass chip! Doesn’t seem right to me... (RHI) there’s cost for everything! Been approached by the land owner to manage a 50 acre block of land but how do I compete if it’s done for free... I know there’s value in the timber for firewood and brash for chip but it’s a job to calculate Wots it’s all worth until u get stuck into it... it’s all mainly ash which has die back, 2 small woods and 6 internal hedges where big trees are overgrown! Doing it with my friend so between us have the kit! Digger, forestry trailer, winch and big chipper. I do the firewood and he does the chipping! so the key question is Wots the best way to go about it to get the nod over competition cheers
  6. Hi All, bought a new Stihl 441 saw about 3 months ago been well impressed with it great power until using it lately seems to be de powered! Any reason... good mix, air filter is fine... no H or L to tune carb now so plug into diagnostics is only option...
  7. Looking to upgrade from my botex 8t to a bigger trailer and have come across the big foot with a 570C crane. Looks a well built very strong trailer with wide wheels 600’s and crane with a 2T lift. My only concern is it’s quite heavy weighing around 4T empty. I do a fair bit of road work and wanted to know wot it’s like on the road and how much horse power is needed to pull it... currently have a McCormick MTX 120hp tractor ? cheers ?
  8. Big difference in price extra 15k for 50 plus u would need big timber 24ton ram 12 way splitter to get the output! To justify a 50 u need to be processing a lorry load a day (hakki pilke reps words!) job to beat the 42 and hear good reports of tafjun 480... having a dealership close by is worth it’s weight & gold!!! Back up is everything!
  9. Yeah where abouts in South Wales...
  10. jamesmerriman7

    Hopshill Firewood

    We can accept all timber waste. Please call ahead. Forestry trailer, posch 30t splitmaster, mobile Firewood processing, Doosan 6tonner 360 grabs and thumb grab.
  11. I thought it was steep never bought by the cube before! Waiting to hear back from some other suppliers...
  12. Been quoted Larch £70 per cubic meter in 5 meter lengths delivered 8 inch upwards west wales. Thoughts...
  13. Tried going off the conveyor motor but didn't work... log deck and sawdust extractor run off those 2 functions


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