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  1. Morning Eggs, Just to clarify a few things. 1/ I was given the information by the 3rd party firm and as I said 'Apparently' in my first post which I presume you missed! 2/ The bigger man knows when as you put it 'Wind there neck in' instead of gobbing off. 3/ The bigger man does not hide behind there screen with an alias name. 4/ The bigger man does not contact a family home late at night with a wife and kid listening to some hot head threatening to come over and sort me out. 5/ And yes I am a bit of a man mountain but I would never condone violence or threaten / intimidate some one over a petty thing on the Internet. 6/ You clearly have my details 'To come and pay me a visit' as it's not hard to find as I post under my name. And please as you put it 'Don't throw your teddy out the pram' as what I have said is true and factual and I am happy to post the PM and voice mails you have left. You have obviously searched my name to look up my details and if you continue to do so I will take this further. Oh and I get my fuel from BP and never had any issues. Have a good day, Fellow arbs and Log merchants (And everyone else who is in this industry, Oh sorry don't think that includes you matey).
  2. Just what I heard, I'm not bothered who it was as it benefitted me in the end so happy days, Just a shame you have to be careful what you say / post.
  3. Apparently the same guy stitched me up by giving a photo to a company I had a collision with a few weeks back trying to get me in the sh*t but it backfired.
  4. Take a look at the Aspen thread, Not only better running machines but the health benefits are worth the extra ££ alone!
  5. I wonder if the other supermarkets will follow suit, I think it will get Morrisons more custom.
  6. I am happy to pay extra to support our dairy farmers
  7. I only do offices, supermarkets, Retail outlets etc so wasn't aware of the landlord part.
  8. £150 hire charge approx, £320 labour leaving grindings on site raked over. That's what I would charge.
  9. That subject of doing nothing and being ok is a load of codswallop as an employer you have to take 'reasonable' steps to prevent slips and trips in the work place for both your employees and visitors alike. Doing nothing does not not show you have made 'reasonable' steps to prevent this.
  10. Mine has just lowered the price by over 10ppl as I stopped using it, Will wait and see if it creeps back up again.
  11. I've run the kubota one for years with no problems.
  12. You got it in one! What your saying next time I t bone some one make sure I do it the other side of the oval.
  13. Also if you look at the pic I stopped just before impact and he didn't his door clearly shows how he kept going and the gauge on his door is 18" long where he kept coming forwards.
  14. I was towing a large twin axle trailer, Modifications listed on insurance policy i am a B & E licence holder. That's why we pay to have protected no claims.


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