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  1. I have a day's work climbing and reducing on Saturday for anyone that maybe interested. Could lead to more regular work for the right person. This is in the Northants area. Please inbox me or call on 07970735188 for more details.
  2. Price mowing per job then as someone has already said you can earn a decent hourly rate. Most of my other customers find other bits that need doing.....at an extra cost. Hedge cutting is usually found on most of the sites I do as well as others, but is always nice to have a change so never turn that down. In the winter I do fencing as well which I absolutely love doing and it keeps me busy. Firewood? There are loads of different bits you can do or even look to doing in the future. I have been doing all the above on a part time basis for the last 3 years (as I have a full time job already) and I have over 20 lawns lots of hedges as well as tree work and fencing. If you do a good job people will tell others and business will expand. Good luck and make sure you pay your taxes!! Not worth the hassle if someone does report you!!
  3. . It worries me so bad getting turned over. If they want it they have it whatever! Sorry to hear of yet another one
  4. chaffey


    I'd like to retire now:lol:. Actually I wouldn't. Believe it or not I love doing what I do. Just a bit of a pain when it rains all year!! Never give up. Just don't retire:lol:
  5. chaffey


    I have had sciatica on a couple of previous occassions. The last time it was so bad I had to lift my left leg out of my bed as it was so painful. Trip to the doctor and he said "get yourself back to work as soon as possible as bed rest will just seize you up further"!! Got myself back off to work the next day and I won't lie the pain was awful to start with but once I had been working for a while the pain subsided. Not forever mind you it came back when I rested in the evening but was gone after about 6 weeks!! Good luck with it anyway.
  6. Exactly my point with the insurers backing out. My insurers ask for everything. All the chainsaw tickets I have as well as my kit numbers for my tool insurance.
  7. Plus it states that he has his own PL insurance that doesn't cover him so I would imagine that if he had an accident and they found he was running his own business (self employed) then he might well be left high and dry even if the home insurance company say yes, and find after the event that he is doing groundcare as a profession.
  8. Didn't mean to offend (wing it!!) but I still disagree entirely with working like this. How would anyone feel should something go wrong? How much is a cs 30, 31 versus spending your life not knowing if there was something else that you could have done to stop the accident from occuring (should anyone be that unfortunate). All I am saying is that hypothetically things could go wrong and potentially ruin someones life and all for the sake of trying to save a few quid. As Hodge said it is things like this that devalue the job that we love doing. As for the chainsaw on others property, whilst I was at college we were always taught that the land/home owner should clarify that the operator has some sort of training because should something go wrong the HSE and the courts will not say "oh it is ok he was not charging for this one". When all is said and done if something should happen I would rather have the ticket than not, and with that said the correct PL insurance also. Plus once the ticket is attained there are other jobs that you can do without any qualms.
  9. Got to go with Hodge on this one. I was under the impression that if you are not using saws on your own property the land (home) owner should ensure that you are suitably qualified. If things go wrong then responsibility will lie partly with them. So as has been mooted before you have no chainsaw certs at all although you have been doing it for 20 years, so a bit difficult to prove you are competent. Then we move onto the insurance. You are proposing to do work on what is essentially a commercial property and you have been advised to 'wing' it with your home insurance! Just take a little time to think how this might look if things did go wrong. in my humble opinion I would say if you are going to undertake jobs like this why not just do the ticket(s) and also take out the right insurance because if things were to go wrong at least you would have a clear concience, as you have done all you could. Now I will go back to reading and not commenting for months at a time!!
  10. Never rains but it pours. Seems like an uphill battle sometimes. Keep your chin up. At least they didn't have anything this time.
  11. As title says can anyone help with a name or number
  12. A guy asked me for a price recently for moving some rubbish. I had a look and said I would let him know later on that day but he told me he would give me £40!! I told him that he could give me what he liked but wouldn't get much done for that!! Guess what I haven't heard since I gave him a revised price.
  13. I was just saying that is all it is worth because that is all it is worth. If Joe Bloggs down the road wants to bust his nuts with a saw and an axe to save a few quid i'm not quibbling but still can't see even to him why it would be worth so much. Ok, ok so he loves swinging an axe in the evening or all day on a Saturday but still only worth........£40 for a good full load:lol:!!
  14. Still stand by what I said. If you can get more good on you. Unseasoned, uncut and unsplit? I would say £100+ is better than doing the firewood yourself.


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