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  1. Self employed Tree climber or Groundsman required in Crawley Down near Gatwick, West Sussex. Local domestic tree work. NPTC Certificates required. Call James on: 07766736970 or email ledger_arb@yahoo.co.uk.
  2. Ground worker or Tree Climber needed for small arb business in Crawley area. Self-employed basis at first. Any skill level or experience considered, attitude more important. Please call or e-mail to discuss. Please contact Matt on mob:07766736970 or e-mail ledger_arb@yahoo.co.uk
  3. Please e-mail me on ledger_arb@yahoo.co.uk
  4. All levels of experience considered. Must have relevant Certificates. Please call 07766736970 or e-mail ledger_arb@yahoo.co.uk
  5. I am looking to employ a full-time climber with all NPTC certificates and minimum 2 years full-time climbing experience. Gatwick area, West Sussex/Surrey. Please call 01342 844044 / 07766736970 or e-mail ledger_arb@yahoo.co.uk to discuss.
  6. Bonafide Subcontracting team with all equipment and Insurances. Capable of undertaking most tree work jobs from completing risk assessments through too leaving site clean/ tidy and providing customer with invoice. Willing to work anywhere in UK but based in Gatwick area. Can provide service incorporating from One Climber and groundsman too three man team. Truck, Chipper, 4X4, tipping trailer, stumpgrinder available if required. Please call 01342 844044 or mobile 07766736970 to discuss availability and rates.
  7. ok I think it is fine to purge stump-grinder bearings and keep them regularly greased during day. The bearing on the fly wheel of the woodchipper though I am unsure about. Previously it had a sealed bearing but was replaced with greasable bearing by engineer. Is there any way by looking at it that I can tell if it is sealed or if it is purge-fill type?
  8. I have Jensen Woodchipper with greasable bearing on fly-wheel. I have been advised to grease every 60 hours with just 2 pumps. Does this seem about right? I was told not to purge this bearing with grease. I was doing maintenance today and it took 10 pumps without hearing any "crackling" noise of grease coming out of bearing. Also with stump grinder wheel bearing I was told previously to grease until it purges out of sides. Is this right? Thanks for any advice.
  9. Carlton SP200 stump grinder: Engine model, CH7405 kohler, Machine serial number 1J9M11213A1167247, Engine serial no. 33222401261 Plant trailer: Wessex 2600kg serial no: 2198994 Plus guards and heavy digging tools. Please call Mob:07766736970
  10. Climbing arborist wanted for Tree Surgery Company based in East Grinstead area. Should be able to work to high standards and meet deadlines. P.A.Y.E. or self-employed considered. Groundsman with aerial rescue also wanted. Licenced to tow plus 750kg chipper preferred but not essential. Call: James Ledger mob:07766737970 e-mail: info@jledgertreesurgery.co.uk
  11. I would like to get feedback on rates of pay for climbers and groundsmen from other business owners. I am unsure if I am behind the times in what I am offering. My rates are as follows. I do mainly residential work in South-East England. We meet at yard at 7.15am and leave yard to go home at 4.30pm. Sub-contractors: 1. Competent Groundsman/driver with PPE. no saws: £80.00 per day. 2. Inexperienced/trainee climber with PPE: £80.00 per day. 3. Competent climber with PPE, climbing kit and saw: £120.00 per day. 4. Experienced climber with ability to plan and successfully complete work with own PPE, climbing kit and saw £140.00 per day. P.A.Y.E. rates with contract. Where I pay for PPE, Holidays and Employers N.I. and all kit. 1. Groundsman/driver £70.00 per day. 2. Trainee climber £70.00 per day 3. Competent climber £90.00 per day 4. Experienced climber £110.00 per day I can get inexperienced climbers fairly easily but not competent or experienced climbers. Please let me know your thoughts
  12. Yes I suppose it is more justifiable if you are getting a deposit to cover materials for a job like fencing. Whereas tree work is mainly labour and a overheads. I suppose that I am just not confident with these customers paying me at end of job without trying to get extra work extra for free. I have not worked for them before and do not want to commit my self to three days paying three men with no guarantee of getting paid. It is just a judgement call.
  13. Some customers ask if I would like a deposit before starting work. I have always declined. I have a couple of three day jobs with four men to arrange. I am going to ask for a 50% deposit as they are new customers and I would like some financial security before starting work. Does this sound reasonable? and do any other arb. businesses ask for deposits?
  14. Climbers and Groundsmen wanted for company looking to become Arb. Association Approved Contractor. Should be able to work to high standards of tree work, in safe manner and to help team complete jobs in time allocated. Contracts available for right people. Please contact James on 07766736970 or e-mail ledger_arb@yahoo.co.uk
  15. I am looking to get a 750kg chipper to replace my Jensen A530 6" Chipper. This is so that others can legally tow. I am getting a new Timber wolf 230 (?) on demo and have looked at getting second hand Jensen contractor 750kg. I have just seen that Raptor do a 750 KG chipper. Has anyone got experience of using Raptor chippers? They are an eastern European brand and are cheaper than other makes. Is this due to lower costs or lower build quality?


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