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  1. Arthroscopy on knee

    Mark I had key whole 13 years ago to removed large chunk of cartilage all went well and I was back cycling one week later, they private consultant missed that I had snapped both acl's. This was confirmed via a mri scan and I sort a sports pysio who told me to keep hamstrings and gluts strong, it worked and I'm still working 12 years on without any acl. Keep those muscles strong around your knee. Good luck hope your rehabilitation goes quickly and well John
  2. Had my 150 tc 3 years and have had no issues in fact it's great, a couple of weeks ago the pull start was making funny crunching noises so took it apart to find the nylon insert damaged this has happened 3 more times since, replaced outer case now and it's still happening? Anyone have any thoughts!!!!!! Please
  3. Any ideas

    Some more pictures, better late than never
  4. Any thoughts

    Many thanks to all, the cones are pea sized and global in appearance, everyday is a school day and I've learnt more again thanks to the responses Again many thanks
  5. Any thoughts

    Think after the help from here it looks like sawara cypress as the bark was stringy
  6. Any thoughts

    Very tight growth rings
  7. <p>Hello my name is john rooke I'm a climber got cs41 loler inspector cs32 chipper mewp tickets my number is 07549 939 324 would be interested please call I live just off m6 junction 3 many thanks</p>

  8. Sugihara bars

    hi rob can you get a sugihara for t540xp 14"?
  9. even all when starting the saw all goes well until i give the saw full throttle, once i have released the trigger the saw continues and full revs. The trigger is not jamming and ive take back to a dealer whom plugged it in to computer and all is well there. does anyone have any other suggestions before i have to start stripping it down?
  10. Need Log splitter for weekend!!!

    North of Coventry Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App
  11. Afternoon all I have several toone of mixed hard wood that i need to split, ideally i would like to hire for the weekend. I have the ability to pick up, I am located just off Junction 3 of the m6. Anyone out there know where i can get hold of one. Ive tried the local hire shops, i'm just seeing if i can give someone on here the cash instead on a large faceless company!!


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