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  1. Hi Steve, been sent all the way down to Ongar near Basildon!!!! so I'm miles away mate. If anybody has got a bit of woodland down that give me a shout. Cheers
  2. Top man, il leave you a PM on here if I can't find any decent spots. You anywhere near fenstanton?
  3. Got shot with a shotgun years ago. 78 no 6s in my head and neck. Made me jump I tell ya!
  4. Thanks Steve, I try and crash in the hammock whenever I can in summer, I make a fire to cook my tea and mess about with my axes. Wife thinks I'm mad but I love it! What's this post ramp??
  5. Hiya lads, I'm surveying down near Ipswich/Cambridge/ St Ives this week and I need some nice trees to sling my hammock up. I sleep in the hammock when I'm working away to keep the cost down, so if anyones got a nice bit o woodland down that way let me know. I will buy a few pints if somebody can help. Cheers
  6. big fell!


    Sound advice. If your getting PA6 then you might as well get the Aw part which is spraying on/near water. I've found it handy to have
  7. big fell!


    I apologise in advance because this is a total rambo knife but it's the best knife I've ever used. Extrema ratio- col moschin Can't upload pics at the mo... It was a gift!!! I'd never spend that much on a knife!
  8. BTS are the contractors in Essex, if that's where your job is, is it LV or HV? What's happening to the trees in question?
  9. Hiya pal, it's Rik. New phone, lost all my numbers, give me a shout your coming to work at my bit I hear. Easy now!

  10. One of my pals was there in 2000, he's served all over and if he says its rough then its bad! Lifes cheap out there. You'll need your first aid kits out there lads! And wrap it up or you'll come back riddled!
  11. Ive got the class 2, design c Stihl Hiflex and i like em. The ones with the kevlar all the way up the front. They are a bit thicker but id rather sweat a little more and have decent protection. I have a pair of type A hiflex for when its just pure ground work as well.
  12. Dave i completely forgot to mail you back! Never dealt with vine weevil before. I applied Dursban ,as a drench, to treat root aphid last year with great results, killed them within 2 days. Its bloody nasty stuff though, saying that all organophosphates are! I will have to look up vine weevil info... So im in the know! Let me know what happens to the trees.


    Hope your well

  13. big fell!


    Its not that they are better trees in a quality sense, its just they are more established and are at the age when they start to really grow. We generally found 2+2s would do well whenever you planted them but we would only plant the 2+1s in the autum when they had finished growing. This would let them settle in over the winter and give them time to set buds ready for their first "flush" on your ground. ITS ALL ABOUT THE BUDS...Ive got some questions of my own... Spacing? Drainage? nearby trees? deer?
  14. Tkf training do a, leaving the forces package, as a kick start into the arb industry. Its pretty good. You could probably get money off the legion or other similar grant. Good luck


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