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  1. dave fox


    any one come across (convallaria majalis) on there travels i am starting to grow it comercialy , i was talking to a dutch flower grower and he said that oak trees have the best samples under them, wondered if anyone else had seen different ? cheers.
  2. dave fox

    production pictures

    i couldnt quite see the tax disc when you were on the road mate,
  3. dave fox

    Where can I get a cheap eyewash fountain ?

    in time mate you may become allergic to all wood dust, i know some of the old boys who have had many years in the orchard industry and they suffer from conjunctivitus from years of apple saw dust and so on, i recomend not a cheap eye wash
  4. dave fox

    the weather

    working half days then i see mate,!!
  5. dave fox

    Some serious advice needed please chaps.

    what do you do if he phones up and wants some more? the only thing i can advise is to phone the editor and place an add in the mag but specifi that it be on his page .
  6. dave fox

    Milling a tree with metal in it

    buy a stone detector then......... !!!!!!!!!
  7. dave fox

    Firewood Business

    its the old saying "its not what you earn ,its what you spend" as above i think you would need to be fairly big in timber to make a good living . i do mine as a side line to my primary work which helps the timber side of it work with help from tractors trailors teleporters ect ect. But to do it efficiently and cost effective ,to stump up the capital to buy , hire those things in the first place i would need to shift a hell of alot more timber than i am , hence why its a side line.
  8. dave fox

    whats you opinion please aldi axe

    wtf !!!!!!
  9. dave fox

    Ref sainsburys frome out of petrol what a lol

    yeh but you can afford it,unlike us wood selling folk!
  10. dave fox

    Trading standards & log nets

    maybe with your wood mate but not mine:wink:
  11. dave fox

    gutted.... :(

    my mate (ex mate ) ran over my saw with a teleporter couple of years back proper up and over it and it still worked, on the plus side it was a husky 365
  12. dave fox

    How old/ big do hornbeam get to?

    your spent to many years on your own in the woods mate!!!
  13. dave fox

    favourite cereal (lighthearted thread)

    coco pops and frosties and all bran
  14. dave fox

    Trading standards & log nets

    i think its the way ahead, i am from next season will be doing the same.
  15. dave fox

    Packing in the logs

    Well am sorry to hear this mate ,you were the first person I spoke to on arbtalk, hope all goes well in the future do you think you will come back to it at some point? Dont be cold next winter mate have some lovely Bramley hear to keep you warm!!!


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