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  1. great tashes boys, is that a team effort?
  2. leaf minor very viralent in the south west. In fact, I've on;ly seen a few that haven't been infected. Same goes for bleeing canker - not many trees without it, here.
  3. One of my lads has got the ISA arborist pack but really needs an instructor to help him. Is there any study groups in Wiltshire or Somerset that anyone may know of that he can attend?
  4. been out of the loop for a while. Mr Ed, if you after a 6" I have trialed them all and I can tell you I paid a bit extra but bought the Scleising 200MX and it is by far the best of the lot. Thwe Timberwolf 190 Turbo (7") was a close match but the build quality and the chippings were not good. As for maintenance if you don't service your chipper once a week and it takes no more than 45 mins you are mad and will have a short lived expensive piece of kit
  5. NickJC


    Yep I can't afford one (GRCS) yet but we have done seriously heavy rigging off an ISC porta wrap and 16 mm braid, although even the 12mm takes a hell of a lot. Then an ISC medium rigging pulley on a whoppee sling in the tree. Simple but fiendishly clever. If the rigging groundie knows what he's doing with the porta wrap he can hold the rope with two fingers and he could be 6 stone wet. It's a great bit of kit and blinkin' cheap.
  6. yep, bleeding isn't great but it's no killer. Leave silver birch from Feb - June, Prune Walnuts in the summer, prune apples in winter, prune cherry and plum in the summer due to silver leaf infection, everything else dorment or full leaf. Hedges trimming can always be a debatable one - I stick to doing most late summer so they look good throughout the winter and spring
  7. have a chat to Kew gardens,, they have it down to an art with awesome results.............
  8. NickJC

    Price This

    why? trees grow, there will always be safety issues next to raods, house etc and those who can afford like their trees and hedges to look good. Also with Horse Chestnut bleeding canker, more sevre weather, etc etc I really can't see the domestic work falling off - unless there's a recssion (oh God, there, I've said it - damn!)
  9. NickJC

    Price This

    I wouldn't for the life of me, but considering the thread on the Holm Oak fell - would anyone consider felling this in a oner?
  10. NickJC

    Price This

    well down in my neck of the woods, I would quote 2 days for a 3 man team (I rekon we'd do it in 1.5 days) Down to a stick in one day (assuming there's some rigging to do on the house side) then crane in two or three the next day (hired in) and professional clean up (never under estimate the time to do cleaning up on a large take down). Cost for 3 men, truck, good chipper and all the gear, working 9am to 4.30pm: £950 + VAT. £400 - 600 - I'd be working for nothing and in fact probably wouldn't even cover my overheads. However, it is possible depending on how much rigging is needed that this tree could be done in a day but I would want more time for safety and climber fatigue reasons.
  11. Yep it was an ash and they don't generally respond well to reductions but it was definately the right thing to do. The tree was too big for the situation, Glen, you've done a professional reduction on it and retained the tree for the future............ Mate, you know you've done the best you can - maybe this forum not's the place to put these type of pics, maybe the satisfaction of the climbers of a job well done and a pleased customer is the result your looking for and certainly what I would be looking for. Anyone can fell a tree, not many know how to re-shape and reduce...........
  12. that's a good example of a re-shape and reduction and what my climbers take pride in doing.
  13. Cracking vid. Reg, what was the size of the tree, the size of the crane being used, the cost of the crane and how long did it take to get that ash down?
  14. this offer still available?


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