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  1. Hi Andrew I don’t believe they do it in the uk at the moment, I am on ArbPro which is due a major upgrade in November I have been using for over a year very happy with it a little bitty but once you get used to it it works well
  2. wattie

    Staff required

    We are looking for new members of staff with experience to join us we operate in Kent and South East London we are based near Brands Hatch race track. Looking for an experienced climber who may be looking for a new venture as part of a small team which is looking to expend with more reasonably then you may have at the moment, or an older climber looking for a different environment, we would like to see the applicant has a background in domestic & commercial works but not based on railway or power line clearance type works. We would like someone with a minimum of five years experience and all tickets for climbing Arial rescue, rigging, chipper and stump grinder etc a full clean driving license with C1+E or HGV an advantage as we do have 6.2 ton trucks as well as 3.5. The applicant should have a passion for Arb and would like to help up and coming climbers expand the skill level, needs to understand the loler regulations and able to run and oversee this side of things. Second person needs to be someone with a minimum of two to three years experience and is on the way up with their climbing abilities who can take on small to medium size trees to a high standard or an older person looking to reduce the amount of larger climbing works. Applicants will need a working understanding of the loler regulations and understand Cosh regulations and run this side of things. Works will include reduction to a high standard, dismantling in open and tight enclosed sites, hedge trimming stump grinding etc. As a company we pride our self in operating with a very high standard from the first phone call to the complication of the work we believe that we are all as important as each other and all cogs in a wheel to provide the quality service we do. A lot of our works are carried out for regular clients built up over the past 32 years and with very nice gardens so we want people who will be mindful of their surroundings and expect a high level of service. Applicant must have a gentle and polite approach to our clients as a large section of them are older. All tickets required and a clean driving license required with the ability to drive 3.5 ton and chipper up to 750kg. Both of the above will need experience in hedge trimming as this does make up a percentage of our works. We want people who are able to work together in a small but well established company with a very good reputation in the industry. Both new team members must be up to speed with British standards, tree law health and safety and current regs and if possible have an Arb qualification. We operate a cloud based quoting system and I would expect a good level if understanding with phone and table technology. We are a non smoking company within the working day and have a policy regarding mobile phone use on site we would like somebody who takes a pride in themselves there work and there tools and equipment supplied by the company as company image is very important to us and has stood us in good stead over the years. We would also consider any freelancers who may be looking for a more settled work patten. Wage level will depend on experience Please send cv or contact me direct. We would expect to be able to check references Please check out our history in the industry on our website and Facebook page. Call or message me on 01474 704748 or 07720 451919
  3. Hi Guys Is anyone using Arborgold for there quoting and crew work orders Etc. Be glad for feed back.
  4. Quality Tree Care Ltd are a well established company starting my myself as a sole trader in 1985 and been Ltd for three years, we have a very good reputation with the industry and with our clients.. We are based in West Kent / South London borders near Brands hatch circuit, our main work is in the domestic market with a good handful of commercial clients being of a high level. We do not have power line,railway or motorway works. We are looking for a climber who may feel they are not progressing in there current environment and would like to aim for a high standard of work and looking to expand their skill levels. We are looking for the right person who can grow with us and to lead a gang in time. We would like the candidate to have a least two years experience with full nptc, they must have an Ariel rescue, mewp rigging chipper and stump grinder would be a bonus. A full clean driving licence and over 21 years old and able to drive a small truck and small chipper. We have 1 x 3.5 ton 2 x 7.5 ton 1 x pick up, and a Greenmec chipper, 2 x stump grinders and fully equipped yard. We expect a caring attitude with all aspects from looking after equipment, keeping lorries,chippers stump grinders clean and checked. To fill in lolar check sheets etc etc. We need you to be a team player and who does not think conifer trimming is below them, as lots of our regular clients have big hedges as well as tree works to do. An attention to detail is high on our list of requirements when it comes to our clients and the company reputation. Salary is dependent on experience but we offer an incentive program on a monthly basis. If you feel you are the right person then please apply by E mail with your CV and please look at our website and Facebook page. I look forward to hearing from you. Keven Watt Quality Tree Care Ltd. Email: keven@qualitytreecare.co.uk Keven Watt - Quality Tree Care Ltd | Trees In Safe HandsKeven Watt - Quality Tree Care Ltd | Trees In Safe Hands Trees in safe hands.
  5. wattie


    Hi All We are looking for a freelance climber for two days a week. All norm Cs units required must have a high standard of work and client care, to able to work within a small by very well established respected company. Look at our website Keven Watt - Quality Tree Care Ltd | Trees In Safe HandsKeven Watt - Quality Tree Care Ltd | Trees In Safe Hands the clue is in the name, we have quality clients and we carry out quality work mainly to the domestic market but with a few very good commercial clients. Would be interested in CV please e mail keven@qualitytreecare.co.uk
  6. wattie

    Cabstar chip box

    Hi I have just had a body built in Hull and I am in Kent so they had to be good, A brill job to be honest but not that cheap if you go to my facebook page you can see it. Quality tree care ltd
  7. Sacramento Tree Service | Sacramento Arborist | Tree Removal Seems to have a lot of Mexican works which you will find in most firms out there but the English guys we meet do well and seem to be charge hands and estimators as well as climbers. But they have the room for big equipment and use mewp's and cranes and loaders at lot with big chippers all to reduce the labour and speed the work up.
  8. Don Mcbride Tree Tech Services 8609 Weyand Ave. Sacramento, CA 95828 Phone: (916) 386-1780 Toll Free: 1-800-821-TRIM Tree Tech Services - TREE SERVICE SACRAMENTO, TREE removal Sacramento, TREE trimming Sacramento, top TREE, prune TREE, or cut TREE Stump Grinding, Emergency Removal in Sacramento, tree service companies, tree service prices, tree service price, tree Fax: (916) 386-1483 E-mail: terri@treetechservices.com
  9. I have not worked but been over to the area a couple of times and had the pleasure of spending time with a few companies for a day or two helping out. Bartlett have a number of depots in the area which you can find online. When we were with them the work seemed to be high end and if you are interested in plant health care as we were then well worth a think. Sacramento is further north and inland but is lovely and is called the city of trees lots of older properties and older tree stock, I may be able to dig out some contact details for you if required. There was a guy from Newcastle who has a company south of san fran but may be the wrong area for you. Good luck go for it.
  10. Hi as a new boy (your words) the question is where you work and do you have a chipper at the moment. My company works mainly south London, Kent, Surrey with a massive range of clients, for us a four wheel drive which we have which is Jap by the way is not used that much. As we do not do a lot of off road stuff but is handy every now and then. If you are in areas like Scotland, Wales etc then four well drive all the way. So I think you have to know your market place and it must fit to what you have and what you aim to buy in the future. If your loaded debris then a good 35cwt tipper lwb flat bed tipper with crew cab for you tools would be perfect which you could then have high sides and a roof later on if you buy a chipper. Never been a fan of Landrover's had them in the past and never got on with them. Ps: I will have for sale a 35cwt standard build arb truck with tool box and chip box. Flat roof with ladder rack, beckons ect. Nice little start off truck pm me if you want info and photos.
  11. wattie


    I use invoices to go on my I pad for my quotes and quick books for all my invoicing and suppliers vat and a like. Just interested in other systems which are written for Arb.

    <p>Hi Wattie</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>I seen one of your posts about the bandit wood chipper and you were pretty much the only one that could give a decent statement about them, however im in the same boat and not sure what to buy I have used schiesling and find they are way over priced and I like the bandits but not if they clog up with conifer (evergreens) global have 150LD 's and I know where there is a 90 xp but really I haven't worked either but can they be that bad on conifer or what do you think </p>

    <p> </p>



  13. wattie


    Hi Guys Not been on for a while but was wondering if anyone is using the Arblogic program for quotes etc. I down loaded the free trail to have a look as I have been looking for a good program for sometime but it just does not do what I had expected. This is a £600 program which is a lump of money which I wont be buying. My question is who is running it as I have sent various requests for Tech help and had no reply's. Also tell me if your using it and what you think please. Thanks Wattie
  14. Hi mick Very sorry did not see you had posted this, be very nice to get together. We have been very busy and if you are a bit lean now and again you can always call. I have hardly been out on the bank this year been down to hawkhurst fish farm very nice water and very nice fish have a look at the Facebook page. Ps still going to BNI had a day at buckmore park yesterday for £25 nice to have a change. Give me a call we can get together. Keven
  15. wattie

    I pad

    Thanks I can see how I may be able to do that I have pages already which I can do a site plan and would be go for hazard notes, extra tools and risk assessment, however lads are telling not to worry about the RA for every job I look at just leave it to them to do on the day on the jobs I do win if you get my drift on that. Thanks Keven


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