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  1. I got 99 problems but a birch ain't one 😃
  2. It's a 12 tonne Renault Midlum with a 15 foot body
  3. Hi I'd appreciate any input I wanted to mount a crane on the back of a 3 way tipping body, but would it be a disaster to try tip wood chip or move awkward 80 percent of the time Any input would be appreciated
  4. Nice job smooth safe and no big deal just me favorite 😃
  5. I agree with you to I like them left natural but the longer they were left the harder to get some control over them
  6. It was to wide for a flail it's only 12 foot high but the width, plus how messy would a flail leave it there reduced by almost halve
  7. It was left up to me I could of cleared around the lights an CCTV but taught it looked better to create a hedge affect what would yous of done I'm probably gonna get shot down here 😳
  8. Hi guys thanks very much for the replys all good information it sounds like a no brainier what to go for
  9. I'm looking into buying a bandit wood chipper I'm not sure what model of 90xp or 150ld there is mixed reports of there power to chip conifer which is easily 70 percent of our chipping I'm sure there are tough robust chippers but if you guys could help me out or advise on what to go for if appreciate it Thanks

    <p>Hi Wattie</p>

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    <p>I seen one of your posts about the bandit wood chipper and you were pretty much the only one that could give a decent statement about them, however im in the same boat and not sure what to buy I have used schiesling and find they are way over priced and I like the bandits but not if they clog up with conifer (evergreens) global have 150LD 's and I know where there is a 90 xp but really I haven't worked either but can they be that bad on conifer or what do you think </p>

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