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  1. Hi, i'm looking to work an extra day to fill in my week as am commuting through from Glasgow to Edinburgh. Anybody need an extra climber in Edinburgh or surrounding area? I have the following NPTC certificates cs30,31,38,39,40,41, own transport, equipment and towing licence. I am ISA certified and trained first aider with Arbaid. Give me a call on 07584625664 if interested.
  2. I am currently looking for climbing work in Glasgow, Edinburgh, and other areas of the Central Belt of Scotland. Willing to travel further for the right kind of opportunities. I am certfied with the ISA, have 9 years experience and have NPTC tickets CS 30,31,38,39,40 and 41 along with up to date first aid and towing licence. I have my own saws and climbing kit (up to date loler), basic rigging kit and 4x4. I am fast, safe and competent. Please contact me via PM or e-mail [email protected] I can provide an up to date cv with all relevant experience and references on request. Cheers, Ossian Butler
  3. Just posting this up again. I am still looking for work/contacts in Devon, Cornwall and the South West. Thanks for looking
  4. Hi all, I am an ISA certified freelance climber based in Chagford, Devon. I am looking for good quality climbing work in the South West and am willing to travel further afield. I am experienced in all areas of tree work and am competent in reductions and rigging. I have NPTC tickets CS30,31,38,39,40,41, up to date first aid & B+E towing licence (and plenty of towing experience). I own all my own climbing equipment and have a basic rigging kit plus top-handle and ground saw. Get in contact if you are in need of a fast, safe climber. I am happy to consider ground-work too. Phone - 07584625664 e-mail - [email protected] or PM Cheers, Ossian
  5. Hi there, I am currently looking to gain experience in horse logging. I am an experienced climber/forester and am looking to add some more strings to my bow, particularly because me and my partner are thinking of purchasing woodland in the near future and we are considering undertaking some of the management with horses. (She is currently doing an apprenticeship in horse drawn agriculture). I am willing to work for a low day-rate. Please get in-touch if you have any advice, pm, phone 07584625664 or e-mail - [email protected] cheers.
  6. Hi there, my name is Ossian Butler, I am 34 years old and have 8 years experience in arboriculture/forestry. I am currently looking for freelance work in all areas of the industry, ideally in Devon or Cornwall but willing to consider travelling further. I am a fully qualified and experienced climber but have plenty of forestry experience too, my own saws, & 4x4 which can be used for work. I am particularly interested to gain experience in small scale sustainable woodland management, horse logging, coppicing and hedge laying. My day-rate is flexible depending on the type of work. I am a hard worker with a good attitude, pm me if you are interested or phone 07584625664, or e-mail [email protected]
  7. Hello, my name is Ossian Butler, I am a free-lance climber, just moved south from Edinburgh, currently living in Chagford, Devon and looking to build on my existing contacts. I have 8 years climbing experience and all my own climbing equipment, saws, plus 4x4 which can be used for work. I have the following tickets: CS30, 31, 38, 39, 40, 41, Arbaid first aid, ISA certified, clean driving licence + towing licence. Please get in-touch if you are interested on 07584625664 or [email protected] or PM, and I can send over more details. Cheers
  8. Hi Folks, I am currently employed by an Edinburgh based company but I am now in the process of setting myself up as a freelance climber again. Firstly tickets - ISA certified (May 2014), CS30/31, CS38, CS39, CS40 & CS41 & ArbAid first aid. I have all my own climbing equipment, saws etc including basic rigging kit & 4x4 which I am happy to use for work should it be required. I am not limiting myself to Scotland for work, although this is my first choice for now. I am re-locating to Devon with my girlfriend at the end of March and am looking to put together a network of people to work for throughout the country and possibly abroad. Even if you don't have work now I would be interested in hearing from you. I am ideally looking to be climbing but would be interested in forestry/woodland management too. I have 7 years experience, and am fast, safe and reliable, I can send a CV over to anyone interested. Please feel free to call on 07584625664, e-mail - [email protected] or PM me. Thanks for reading
  9. Hi Kevin, I am finding your post a bit late, is the position still available? I have sent you an e-mail with my cv.
  10. Hi folks, I am an experienced climber looking for regular subcontract work. I am currently living just outside Edinburgh but am willing to travel (I own an L200 which I am willing to use for towing/transporting tools). At the moment I am in full time employment with a company but it is not really working out the way I had hoped. For this reason I am really looking for something regular, no offence but the odd day here and there does not really suit although it might in the future. I have 6 and a half years climbing experience and hold the following tickets: CS30/31, CS38, CS39,CS40,CS41, ISA certified arborist, current first aid certificate, full clean driving licence. I work hard rain or shine and am a fast and safe climber. I have my own saws and climbing kit and a basic rigging kit. Please PM, I can e-mail a full CV should that be required.
  11. Thanks Easy Lift, It's good getting lots of advice from various people. I'm not set on the Golden State, it just makes the most sense as I have roots there. I am considering all options at the moment and the best one may end up being here in the UK, I have been mostly working in Glasgow and Scotland up till now but have reached a point where my career is not advancing as fast as I would like so I am keen for some fresh challenges.
  12. Hey folks, Thanks so much for all the support and advice. I have not worked in the states before as an arborist but I have reached a point in my life where I need a new challenge and the US of A seems the best bet as I have an American passport through my dad who is from San Fran. Saying that I am considering other options such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada and even Scandanavia (although I am keen to go a bit further afield). May as well say a bit about where i'm at... Me and my wife recently split up after 6 years together (no kids). I am 33 and have 6 years experience as a climber and am keen to add to my experience by going and trying a bit of international work while I am still young enough to climb full time. I consider myself an arborist (although I am not yet fully qualified, I am taking my ISA exam before I set off along with CS40 & 41 or equivalent) so am looking for climbing work for someone who shares similar views about the long term care and importance of trees. I am interested in scientific research and subscribe to a number of journals to keep up to date. I am considering maybe trying to get a job with Bartlett here first and then re-locating. Will continue to post on my progress here, looking to head out in the summer at some point.
  13. Hi Will, thanks so much for your advice. I am looking at Northern California (of San Fran) and possibly Oregon (I have good friends in Portland). I have 6 years experience and have run my own business for some of that time, done plenty of rigging, sectional felling etc. I will keep posting as I look into what opportunities may be available, looking to leave some time in August. Cheers, Ossian
  14. I am looking for information about the process for working on the West coast of America/Canada (would also consider other areas). I have an American passport through my dad so Visa wouldn't be a problem, just wondering also if that would allow me to work in Canada? Is it best to just phone a few companies? Any information or advice would be most welcome.
  15. Freelance climber available for work in Scotland and willing to travel. CS30,31,38,39, First Aid certificate, Clean driving licence, own vehicle, saw's, climbing and rigging kit, 6 years experience. I work well under pressure and am safe and thorough. CV and references available on request, Please PM or e-mail [email protected]


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