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  1. Evening, 

    I've got two weeks in Carnac with the family this summer. How close to your neck of the woods is that, any recommendations? Restaurants, markets, neolithic sites, goat farms, whatever. 

    Hope you aren't cooking in the heat. We were threatened with 26 degrees here in the west of Ireland, but we got rain instead.


    1. Ty Korrigan

      Ty Korrigan


       Carnac is about 2 hours from us.

      You have chosen a top area, Morbihan, means little sea in Breton.

      Similar to Irish, Mor Behan/Bhean?

      Quiberon peninsula, ferry to Belle Isle, great beaches everywhere.

      Take a day trip to Concarneau why not.

      I am occasionally in Baden were a friend has a second home and will occasionally stray as far South as Nivilliac for work.

      It was 40+ here yesterday.

      Difficult to achieve anything much in that heat.

      Then it broke and dropped 20c in the evening and rained.

      8:30am and we have thunder.

      I have an open roof and forgot to pull the tarp back over.

      The area is much drier than the West which has a more Kerry climate.

      I'm sure you'll have a fabulous time of it.

      Go to a bar and ask for a Picon biere (beer)

      'Pee-kon beer' is cold lager with a shot of a strong alcoholic syrup made of oranges.

       Great in the heat.

          All the best





    2. peds


      Haha, whoops, I'm sure it won't be long drying out in the heat. Hopefully it'll keep the dust down for a bit anyway. 


      The fashion in the alps, when I lived there, was beer with a shot of peach syrup in it. I've heard that in some departements the chosen flavours are almond or that cactus syrup, which sound revolting. Orange is a much more civilised variation, I'll put that on the list for sure.


      Just checked Belle Ile en Mer, the Vauban citadel is closed until 2023, gutted, that's right up our alley. We'll have to find a different fortress.


      Big thanks for the advice. 




    3. peds


      Crikey, pretty autumnal out here, isn't it? 


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