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  1. Rates: Dependent on experience Greenacre Trees and Landscapes Ltd An established and professional business with a very good reputation within East Anglia for high quality work and excellent customer service. Greenacres is a growing successful business, with an expanding arboricultural team with good opportunities for career development. Our wide customer base includes small domestic customers to construction and Councils, as a result our work is extremely varied. We carry out all aspects of tree work, climbing, rigging and large tree removal. We also work for a number of large high profile Estates and Land owners and are privileged to care for their mature and ancient trees. Our commercial work extends to outside of Suffolk to the surrounding counties. Greenacre also undertake commercial soft landscaping, fencing and planting work. Some experience in this area would be beneficial but not essential. Greenacres is based in Ipswich. Climber • We require a fully qualified and experienced climber that can also lead a team, as and when required • Good communication skills and professionalism are essential to continue delivering good customer service and to maintain a positive working environment • Candidates must be smart, well mannered and with a happy disposition • Applicants must hold UK NPTC chainsaw units: 30, 31, 38 & 39 and ideally units 40 & 41 (but not essential) • Have a number of years climbing experience • Experiencing working to the current BS3998:2010 standard • Full driving license, preferably with towing (B+E) • Street work and MEWP qualifications desirable but not essential What Greenacres can offer • A friendly and professional team environment • A company that embraces new ideas and is passionate about what it does • Wide variety of work and challenges • Opportunities for personal development • Competitive rates, depending on qualifications and experience To apply please contact: Sarah Harris, Greenacre Trees and Landscapes, 9 St Johns Road, Ipswich IP4 5BU tel: 01473 411016 or email: sarah@greenacretrees.co.uk
  2. Evening all, would anyone be able to help with a tip site in the Doncaster area over the next couple of weeks? I'm looking for somewhere to tip chip/hard wood timber and possibly chipper and grinder storage for 2 weeks while we work in the area. If anyone is interested in helping out please PM me, cheers
  3. Thanks for sharing that, very interesting Sent from my GT-N8010 using Arbtalk mobile app
  4. Thanks for the link, after reading that I shall continue using mine Sent from my GT-N8010 using Arbtalk mobile app
  5. Karabiners for personal use in arb MUST have a 3 way auto locking action, screw gates & other 2 action karabiners can be used for designated tool or rigging. It is part of LOLER regs Sent from my GT-N8010 using Arbtalk mobile app
  6. Dont know about Essex but Chippertech (Stowmarket) or Elite in Ipswich but they are pricey. Both do towable and tracked. Chippertech best bet
  7. you been reading my mail ha ha. i think its all interresting hope you are well

  8. Yes certainly a good job done! Could'nt of got a better day if we tried with the weather, a bit of a contrast with today. All credit to the crane operator & the banksman too both done a really good job, could'nt believe how quickly it was all done. Obviously the ground crew were awesomes but that goes without saying:001_cool:. As the timber & brash was processed the next piece was on its way down! very quick job. The crane i believe was 80ton & but at the furthest point on the job it could lift 4ton. considering the size of that last piece was 2.4ton, 4ton must be a hell of a size.
  9. I was asked to look at a group of Hornbeams the other day that have been in the ground for 2 years, about 6 years old & on 3 of them their leaves have started to turn yellow. When it rains hard the ground becomes water logged due to poor drainage & can hang around for a couple of days before disappearing. The soil is a dense clay & i feel that there is'nt enough nutrients in it. I would like to know anyones thoughts to whether it is a lack of nutrients or water causing suffercation of the roots or both. Any ideas/thoughts would be welcomed:icon14:
  10. Your right Dave i should of known, dont beat me to hard! I do feel a bit of a tit especially when i was down at Kew a month ago and we were told about the Gingko so god only knows what i was thinking:011:. I'll blame the couple of bottles of stella that i had:001_smile: Anyway what age is it then steve?
  11. In my defence I did say I could be wrong! only a few years out!
  12. I could be wrong but were'nt they introduced here in the 20's? if so I reckon around 85 - 90 years
  13. Absolutely 100% superb! Great watching you guys work, best vid i've seen. Great editing & good choice of music too!


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