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  1. tip sites

    Birch airfield just outside Colchester take chip and green waste http://birchcomposting.com/
  2. 110 v 130

    I'm not trying to be negative I run a 130 tipper everyday and it does exactly what it says on the tin. It's perfect for the area I work as it can get across even the roughest fields and mud. I've always owned defenders and love them despite their shortcomings. If you are running around town or mainly on tarmac there's no need for one I'd run a transit and have done in the past. I don't think you can beat jap reliability and build quality though I'm thinking more land cruisers and hiluxs and not the newer stuff. If I can chip on site I'd take my L200 everyday over the Landy just for comfort and a working heater [emoji12]
  3. 110 v 130

    I don't think anyone buys a Landy for fun if they do they need their head testing. Buy a jap 4x4 far superior says me who's had his fair share of landys and the joy of ownership [emoji37]
  4. 110 v 130

    My 130 is great off road and does exactly what you want from it but I dread driving it for any more than 15 mins on the road! It's noisy cramped and uncomfortable on a run but for all it's faults I wouldn't be without it. I still keep my l200 for longer runs and chucking the stump grinder on
  5. milling needed in woodbridge,suffolk

    I did think that looking at the pics of the butchered lump I reckon their stihl 181 wasn't man enough [emoji12]
  6. milling needed in woodbridge,suffolk

    I don't think it's worth the hassle tell the customer that and move on with it. I'm sure everyone else will say the same and it will end up as logs as they need it off their front garden [emoji2]
  7. Best website builder?

    I use wix it's easy enough to edit and a set up once you get the hang of it and looks professional when done properly www.countrysidetreeandgardenservices.co.uk
  8. milling needed in woodbridge,suffolk

    I have a mobile mill just south of Ipswich but if I'm honest that looks like firewood to me there's not a lot of useable wood in it would cost more to mill that the product he will get out of it.
  9. Motorised Arb trolley

    We do similar just with an old Hayter tractor mower with no deck. Its 15hp and pulls a good load for the right job it's perfect
  10. Straight Oak

    Another thumbs up for the Woodlands HM130 we've done some big stuff on it and it's great leaves a cracking finish as f2f says we've got this rather large stack of oak to work our way through at the moment!
  11. Best hedge cutter for a really good finish?

    I'm the same with the new echos great power but flimsy heads. I find they need greasing constantly not sure where it disappears to but I've never had a hedge trimmer I need to grease so much
  12. Hitting rosemary hard?

    They don't react well to hard cutting from experience! I have been successful with reducing over a period of years a bit at a time Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk
  13. Making the news today....

    The pay rate goes up once a year until 10 years served when you become a top rate PC. Your money will no longer go up unless you are promoted. The next step to sergeant you take a small pay drop for a year as 10 year PC is a touch more than a newly appointed sergeant.
  14. Greenmech quad chip 160 pros/cons

    Hi Pete yes he did great service from you guys thanks a lot we managed to get the plate welded on site to get us through till the new parts come.
  15. Greenmech quad chip 160 pros/cons

    I've had my quad chip for a year now and it's a great chipper I think it's better than my previous tw150. Just have a problem with the rollers at the minute. It doesn't seem to be pulling in the small stuff as well as it used to. The right roller on the spring side seems to be sitting at a slight angle and opens the gap between the two rollers. Has anyone else had this problem? I've pulled it apart this morning and can't seem to find any obvious debris in there causing a problem. There is slight play in the bearing which may be causing it. Has anyone got Peteb number as he seems to be the man in the know or can I just ring the green mech office and speak to him? Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk


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