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  1. I’ve put the disc blades on and the flywheel is balanced nicely. It was my fault for thinking I could use the square blades as they may be better. I’ll stick with the disc blades especially as I have plenty of them
  2. Thanks a lot Jase and Jimmy for the reply. I’ll try the disc blades i have this afternoon and see how it balances up with them on. Thanks for your help hope you a good Xmas
  3. Thanks Pete I’ll stick with the disc blades and go with them longer term they haven’t been a problem over the last few years for the machine.
  4. Thanks Jase I do have the longer bolts and kit for round blades as I have run it this way for a couple of years. I’ll await you hearing back from Jimmy thanks
  5. Thanks for the reply jase I do have disc blades although they do have some wear on. When I bought the machine it was running on square blades but one of the blade pockets became damaged so I went over to disc blades on the advice of green mech to save having to repair the pocket at the time. Since the flywheel had been reconditioned I thought I’d go back to square as they seemed to have a greater cutting edge therefore would be more efficient. I’m happy to stick with disc blades if you think this is the best option for the machine. If you can confirm with someone who does the balancing that would be great and much appreciated especially being the Xmas holidays.
  6. Thanks they have been a great help before I didn’t want to disturb them too much if they are on the Xmas break. Out of interest have you had the belts off yours and does it always fall to the bottom then with blades on?
  7. I think I’ll do that tomorrow the last thing I wanted was for it to rattle it’s self to bits when I turned it on. I’ll send the bill addressed to you Mick Dempsey somewhere in France!
  8. Ok that’s interesting it’s not just mine that does that then maybe that’s how they run. I was just concerned about this putting extra wear on the shaft and bearings. Maybe I’m over thinking the engineering behind it?
  9. They are the square Greenmech blades. It runs nicely without them new bearings and new shaft and seems balanced nicely. My only previous experience is balancing on car flywheels but I would have thought that even with blades it should run evenly and not stop at the heaviest point. It seems that would create an unbalanced rotation when running at speed
  10. There not new blades I do have a new set on order but don’t think they will be here before Xmas. The wear on both old ones is fairly even and I’ve tried swapping them around both ways with the same result. It’s the speed it drops round to the bottom of the flywheel that concerns me and just seems to be due to the outer leading blade forcing the wheel around.
  11. Evening all I have a feeling that Greenmech are now closed for Christmas so thought I’d ask the question on here. Just had the flywheel on my 2010 quadchip reconditioned by Greenmech and a new shaft. They have repaired the blade pockets and some other damage and balanced it. I’ve put the flywheel in with new bearings and when the blades are added the balance on the flywheel is completely out. The outer blade causes the flywheel to settle at the bottom every time. Does anyone know if they should have balanced it with the blades on or without? I’m a bit concerned that with the blades on it’s going to be unbalanced and rattle itself to pieces. Without the blades the flywheel seems balanced. From previous experience on balancing flywheels normally on other machinery they should be perfectly balanced and sit where they finally stop not the lowest point every time even with blades on. I can’t speak with Greenmech now and need to get the machine up and running so was after some advise. Hope this makes sense thanks
  12. Thanks for tagging him Mick I did try to work out how to tag someone but my computer skills failed!
  13. Evening all does anyone know whether Greenmech are open next Mon 23rd Dec. I need to speak with their technicians regarding a flywheel they have just reconditioned for me. Thanks


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