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  1. milling long bits of timber

    Nope 7 quid, plus fuel of course which made it about 30 quid,just repeating what I was told by the seller
  2. milling long bits of timber

    you could go on ebay and buy a large double extension, ladder I got one for £7.00 , don't think they can be used anymore so people are trying to get rid
  3. bedford appreciation society

    Umm I have treequip, I was in my first week with my last employer,19 and terrified it took a while but I loved it, Where's the pics guys ?
  4. bedford appreciation society

    hello all, ooh I do like a nice Bedford arb/tree truck, sadly I don't have one of my own but would love to see some pics of ones that are out there, please post pics of yours here
  5. Meripulus

    you should still be able to see evidence of them,they persist until well after the first frosts
  6. Ideas please

    handkerchief/ dove tree ?
  7. professional tree inspection places available, dorset

    Comments on: TO MY FOLLOWERS there are still places available guys,just give them a call and speak to lesley
  8. for anyone interested in attending a pti course there are spaces available on a course set to run oct 20, 21, 22 at newlands training based just outside Dorchester (Dt2 7ua) contact leslie on 01305 848454 stating reference 'Thomas lily' the course costs £385 plus vat
  9. Ldv truck

    I have had three over the last ten years, they have all been great ! really good value for money compared to a transit, parts are pretty easy to get theres a company called ksl up north somewhere who break them and can get 95% of the parts the rest can come of a transit or be modified to fit an ldv, the brakes are pretty poor but you just get used to them.
  10. Entec feed rollers!!

    is the throttle fully down, cos I have that problem and have now sadly have to use a bungee to hold it down !
  11. thoughts on restoring a burried yew

    more worm and invertebrate activity as a result ?
  12. thoughts on restoring a burried yew

    so having read the report, by what means is the sugar solution 'injected' into the rooting area ?
  13. thoughts on restoring a burried yew

    thank you paul, that's going to fill my evening. I feel a photo montage coming on
  14. thoughts on restoring a burried yew

    thanks guys, all very useful do you know of any links to info about sugar solutions, specifically dilutions and volumes, please keep comments coming.
  15. hi guys , sorry no pics as yet but some will follow. a client of mine has a v big yew which some fool buried under 3 ft of concrete and patio slabs about 10 years ago,now with the slabs gone I intend to remove the concrete and re-establish the correct soil level, mulch and feed. the trees in a pretty poor state with a receding canopy which now has last seasons extension growth starting to recede as well. my questions really directed at whether the removal of the concrete and feeding /mulching may just tip it over the edge ?


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