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  1. Liam88

    Lucombe oak

    Thats good news. I was worried because of it being part turkey oak.
  2. Could you upgrade a 281 to a 288 by swapping pot and piston over?
  3. Liam88

    Lucombe oak

    How have they done? I have some 6ft diameter sections which have some big knots. I want some straight through planks but am unsure how it will dry.
  4. Liam88

    Lucombe oak

    How bad does it split when drying?
  5. Just wondered what's the biggest bar a 3120 could run effectively on a mill without going into double poweheads?
  6. :lol::lol:Hang on in there spud, you've got two more saws to go! :-)
  7. Selling for a friend. 215 cubic feet of rough sawn air dried european oak, examples in first three pictures and lengths and sections described in picture 4. Sat drying indoors for 2 years. £30 per cubic foot or £6000 for the lot, we can arrange delivery at buyers cost. Located in Cornwall. PM if interested. Cheers
  8. Good point. I have a 281 husky but it's just that bit too heavy.
  9. As above. I have a lot of chunky cladding to mill and I want to run an oregon low pro 325 chain. I have a husky 550 but its too new to rag on a mill! Something similar would be great.
  10. 6m steel scafold ladder on order!
  11. Here's mine. Similar to yours but using joist brackets
  12. Yep they still make the trailed version with 13 horse Briggs engine now. Bump this thread - how are you getting on with them? I want to buy one but not sure if I can justify cost.


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