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  1. I like trees BUT - they get to krunchy when roasted and to large to dip into the fondue pot filled with Chocolate (i'm not UK so mine don't count) so here is one more (someone say down hill) I like trees but, the bark is to rough for a pole dance. (crossing back over the pond)
  2. Ok - i really need to answer this one. we drop trow and squat So if a lady wanted to get into tree care work, where is the door to knock on? I got my initial introdcution to the tree care industry on a date. I knew that tree care was being done, i even hired a company to so some work for me, BUT never thought of that as a career. Now, I talk to my children and Grands to advise them that this fun climbing that we do can become a Career. Are there groups that visit local schools to promote the industry or is it all word of mouth. jz
  3. January 2008 in florida i have been practicing for the work climb and doing well have a few climbers that have been helping me i have to now figure out the lenght of my footlocking rope cheer for me i am up against Miss Kathy Holzer jz
  4. OH MY more women here - that is great - Hey Guys, is Kathy Holtzer on here yet. I am sure she will also advise you that gender is not an issues. I am sure you have had male workers that also did not workout. maybe you need to bring more women into the profession. my 2 cent jz
  5. Hello Poison HI-V - with the fly as the open split tail rope is soft jz
  6. I said my goodbye’s A Sunday ago, I was allowed to climb Diana, a 100 plus year old stately Oak. I arrived in time to see her care giver removing another of her dieing limbs. It hurt him to do that, but his caring hard was kind to her. For those of you that do not know Diana, let me explain. She and Nimrod are the founder trees for TCI in Atlanta. These trees are about the most climbed trees in the world. Each month children and their parents climb on rope and some even sit in the branches. Recently, over the year or a little more both have been affected by beetles that are taking the life out of the trees. They are loosing the battle and soon will be unable to support climbers. So, while in Colorado, I spoke with their owners and received permissions to visit on a normal climb day. I arrived before the 2 pm start time for the visiting climbers as I did not want to interfere with their time in Nimrod, which stands only meters away from Diana. Peter had a line in the tree so I used his line and knots. As I tied in, I talked to her and thanked her for all the fun times she gave to so many climbers over the 24 years. This was my first and last climb with her. She was so gentle, so smooth in places and so forgiving. She welcomed me and I am sure felt my unsure feet on her branches. I stayed onto her one side and only moved a few feet away from the trunk. Below me the visiting climbers watch the pre-climb instructions and soon were on rope and enjoying Nimrod, many unaware of why I was alone in Diana. I climbed to a great height and sat, listened and watched the area, a land trust is just feet way and the birds and sound of the community were relaxing. In the background the railway and road was evidence that I was near the city and not in the mountains where I climb, YET here was the wonderful tree. So, after about an hour plus of just sitting in Diana, I knew it was time to leave. So I descended and came off rope and hugged her. I now have a great memory that will be with me forever. Thank you Diana and you also Nimrod.
  7. my third and final attempt thanks sunflower in bloom -august 2007 Ellijay , Ga
  8. my second entry Tallulah Gorge - Talluhal Fall, GA jz
  9. I am packing - i'm packing - colorado is on the horizon - rec climbing heaven - meeting moss and tom d and nick and others that are from other forums - the sky will be my limit - there is gear on the table and in a box and on the counter and hung on the harness - OH MY will i ever get it all in one bag??? BUT last weekend got into a Bombex and a type of banyon in floirda - great trees with some wonderful people. see you in the trees jz
  10. Jerseygirl


    OK OK - here is another one A blonde drags all of her ice fishing equipment out onto the ice. Just as she pulls her saw out to cut a circle in the ice she hears a voice saying, “They’re no fish under the ice.” Perplexed but not to be outdone, she moves over 50 feet and pulls out her saw. Again a voice comes from above saying, “There are no fish under the ice.” Frustrated but determined, she moves 50 feet over and tries one more time only to hear, “I said, there are no fish under the ice!” Puzzled the blonde looks up asking, “Is that you God?” The voice from above replies, “No, this is the manager of the ice rink!”
  11. i am not sure what you are saying that you " use a 6 or 8 coil klemhiest....its generally considered better than a prussik in this application. the length of the footlock cord should ideally be long enough so it is just out of reach..." are you using a separate cord or the tail of your rope - i do the double footlock, and a single - picture attached - that moss put on the buzz, it works great for me - but i use a footLOOP cord to get off the ground.
  12. Jerseygirl


    OK OK - here is one more for now Two blondes walked into a building, you’d think one of them would have seen it.
  13. Jerseygirl


    A southern US joke. HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT THE TWO DUCK HUNTERS FROM WISCONSIN? ABSOLUTELY A TRUE STORY HEARD ON A WISCONSIN RADIO STATION REPORTING ON THE INCIDENT. A guy buys a new Lincoln Navigator for $42,500.00 (with monthly payments of $560.00). He and a friend go duck hunting in upper Wisconsin. It's mid-winter; and of course all of the lakes are frozen. These two guys go out on the ice with their GUNS, a DOG, and of course the new NAVIGATOR. They decide they want to make a natural looking open water area for the ducks to focus on, something for the decoys to float on. Now making a hole in the ice large enough to invite a passing duck, is going to take a little more power than the average drill auger can produce. So, out of the back of the new Navigator comes a stick of dynamite with a short 40 second-fuse. Now our two Rocket Scientists, afraid they might slip on the ice while trying to run away after lighting the fuse (and becoming toast, along with the Navigator), decide on the following course of action: they light the 40 second fuse; then, with a mighty thrust, they throw the stick of dynamite as far away as possible. Remember a couple of paragraphs back when I mentioned the NAVIGATOR, the GUNS, and the DOG??? Let's talk about the dog: A highly trained Black Lab used for RETRIEVING; especially things thrown by the owner. You guessed it: the dog takes off across the ice at a high rate of speed and grabs the stick of dynamite, with the burning 40-second fuse, just as it hits the ice. The two men swallow, blink, start waving their arms and, with veins in their necks swelling to resemble stalks of rhubarb, scream and holler at the dog to stop. The dog, now apparently cheered on by his master, keeps coming. One hunter panics, grabs the shotgun and shoots the dog. The shotgun is loaded with #8 bird shot, hardly big enough to stop a Black Lab. The dog stops for a moment, slightly confused, then continues on. Another shot, and this time the dog, still standing, becomes really confused and of course terrified, thinks these two geniuses have gone insane. The dog takes off to find cover, UNDER the brand new Navigator. The men continue to scream as they run. The red hot exhaust pipe on the truck t! ouches the dog's rear end, he yelps, drops the dynamite under the truck and takes off after his master. Then " "" "" "" "" " BOOOOOOOOOOOOM "" "" "" "" "" ! ! ! ! The truck is blown to bits and sinks to the bottom of the lake, leaving the two idiots standing there with "I can't believe this just happened" looks on their faces. The insurance company says that sinking a vehicle in a lake by illegal use of explosives is NOT COVERED by the policy. And he still had yet to make the first of those $560.00 a month payments. The dog is okay. . doing fine. And you thought Rednecks only lived in the South........
  14. I use 11mm PI - Hi-V - on ddrt - and do a footlock single and double but can not get off the ground yet - still using a loop for the first 5 ro 8 foot. i am still working on this I would time out on the comp. us old ladies need a breather now and then jz
  15. heat index at 105 - nice day to get on a river - rivers are low due to recent lack of rains but still a great place to float along dragging a child


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