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Stihl 038 - Non OEM part recommendations

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Good evening all,

I have lurked on this forum for a while, drinking in the collective knowledge. As a family we have run a few 038s for years. The "heirloom" was bought second hand in the (very) early 80s and stihl runs like a dream. it has felled/cut a lot of timber over the years. I picked up a good metal handled 038super around 10 years ago for beer money and it gets used for firewood duties. We would only put around 20 fills through it a year. I took a notion that I would rebuild a saw this winter and have sourced a 1991 038 that suffered a failure of the roller bearing on the crankshaft and chewed up the piston and cylinder. I have already sourced a used OEM crankshaft and have picked up on pointers from other threads about where to source original Stihl spare parts. On the subject on non-OEM pistons and cylinders, can anyone point me to a source of satisfactory parts? I am finding it hard to ID the manufacturer of some of the kits available and until I am given advice to the contrary, would prefer a nikasil coated cylinder to a chromed one. The Tecomec website doesn't guide me to any wholesalers in the UK or Ireland... PMs/pointers to a particular brand/seller would be welcomed.

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The only cylinder kits I would touch are OEM (Stihl), Meteor and if these are too much or too expensive, Hyway are about the best of the Chinese kit. If on a tight budget or you only use the saw for a bit of firewood then one of the lesser brands may be OK.

Try L&S Engineers for parts, parts list can be found here https://www.motoculture-jean.fr/upload/pdf/038.pdf

It identifies ALL the parts and the part codes will make ordering parts very simple.

If you haven't worked on small engines before - one little tip - de-stress the main bearings after reassembly by tapping each end of the crank heavily with a copper mallet. The crank will be relatively stiff if the bearings are under stress and will become silky smooth and free if the bottom end has been de-stressed correctly.

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Ta for the comments and advice.  Have had the LS Engineers site bookmarked for a while and have bought bits for my 038 Super from them. I have rebuilt a few Land Rover engines to date (another hobby) but rebuilding small engine is something new so I appreciate the pointer Spudulike. A friend builds championship winning motorbike engines so I will probably "annoy" him at some stage in the build process. Cheers folks!

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Has anyone any knowledge of this crowd:http://www.precisiontooling.eu/cylinder-assy/


I have been advised that they are owned by/part of Tecomec and that Tecomec has supplied parts to Stihl. I have tried E mailing them to ID retail contacts but no reply (so far). I currently plan to go OEM for the piston and cylinder from L&S engineers and will be phoning them next week.... I sat down with my parts book and workshop manual earlier tonight..... (I have owned these since I bought my 038 Super. The benefit of having parts books to hand is a lesson long since learned).

Pure inquisitiveness prompts my interest in Precision Tooling. I find note that they offer an 070 type saw alongside an 038 Magnum/MS380 type saw - not sure whether  the 070 introduction coincides with the Hutzl/Farmertec developments. Perhaps other forumers are in a position to comment?

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