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  1. If you are sorted I will hang on to these. Or maybe sell the whole 122 Super as a project saw.
  2. You are not interested in my 122 Super cylinder then? Assuming that it fits a 123.
  3. I dragged the saws out of the pile as promised. Couldn't reach the complete 123. It's under too much crap. The picture shows the other chainsaw and the two chop saws. These were proper barn finds. Still have chicken/pigeon poo on them. The chop saws are frozen solid. Not sure if they are seized or corroded. So I put a good squirt of PlusGas down both spark plug holes ready for future work. The cylinders on these look bigger and sturdier than a 123, so I don't think they will help you. Wonder if they will fit a 143 or something bigger? The chainsaw looks to be a 122 Super, I think. I took The top end off it. The part number on the casting is 122.131.100. It looks to be 47mm bore. Need expert opinion about whether a 122 Super cylinder will fit a 123. The spark plug hole is at 90 degrees to the bore, not angled. The bore is slightly marked but usable, I think. The piston is rough, but it may be in better condition than your seized one. It may be too far gone to re-use? The rings are missing. Sorry about the thick layer of dirt. This is after a blast from the compressor.
  4. I will have a look through the pile at the weekend. If it is properly seized put some penetrating oil down the plug hole and let it sit for a day or two. Should help things come apart. Then rock the crank back and forth gently with a spanner on the flywheel nut.
  5. I would definitely do this. Take it apart and see what the situation is. In my 'junk' pile I have at least one 123 that I am planning to resurrect. There may be two, but I can't remember if the other is a 120. I also have two old Sachs Dolmar cut-off disc saws that may have the same engine in them. I can't remember what cc engine they are though, or what condition the pistons and cylinders are in. I would be willing to part with bits from one of the cut-off saws, if they are the right size and useable. If you want to retire your saw and get something else I would recommend a Husqvarna 372XP or the more modern 572XP, but you are looking at lots of ££££££££££s.
  6. I had another look at this. I'm using an old model Stihl USG. The radius on the stone is offset, not symmetrical, which is like a form tool for grinding chain. It cuts like a thicker wheel. I've attached an excerpt from the USG manual, but it's not very clear even if you zoom in. The wheel is 3.8mm thick and the radius is 2.4mm offset to one side, so it cuts like a 4.8mm thick wheel.
  7. Thanks. I did not know that. My closest petrol station is BP. It looks like their Ultimate E5 petrol is ethanol free (for the moment) except in the South West of England. Good to know.
  8. Has anyone tried B3C Ethanol Shield 2T Oil? It claims to protect from ethanol damage and stabilise mix for 12 months. I'm going to give it a try, and use E5 only. B3C Ethanol Shield 2-Stroke Oil - 1ltr B3CFUEL.CO.UK PROTECT your 2-Stroke engine against ring wear, sticking, rust & corrosion PREVENT future problems with Ethanol Shield 2-Stroke OilPRESERVES fuel with triple...
  9. I think Chainsaw Collectors WWW.CHAINSAWCOLLECTORS.SE would also welcome the info.
  10. There is a topic about it on OPE forum. Not sure if I'm allowed to put a link here. Please delete it if it's against the rules: Stihl Hexa file and sawchain | Outdoor Power Equipment Forum OPEFORUM.COM Well folks it's finally official! Now we can file out of the box C83/85 XCut style.:D [MEDIA] I searched for this chain on the Stihl UK and Stihl Germany websites but there is no info there, so it looks like it hasn't been released yet.
  11. Just had a quick look online. The cheapest I could find it is here: Stihl spare parts UK MDG1 USB BLUETOOTH DONGLE Part Number 59108401500 WWW.MOWERSPAREPARTS.CO.UK Stihl spare parts UK MDG1 USB BLUETOOTH DONGLE Part Number 59108401500
  12. Just a thought - you do have the MDG-1 unit and the cables? The Bluetooth dongle doesn't communicate by itself. Here's a picture of mine and another picture showing the UBT-21 communicating with it (both blue LEDs lit).
  13. This one will do the job. It's the one that I use. It acts as a virtual COM port for the Bluetooth communication: SE Spezial-Electronic GmbH | SE-UBT21-0 SHOP.SPEZIAL.COM Industrial Bluetooth Smart Ready 4.0 USB Stick with internal Bluetooth Stack. Certified for Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia and Brazil. Black matte finished polycarbonate... You will need the drivers, if Windows doesn't install them automatically. The easiest way to install them manually is the setup executable found at this link: VCP Drivers - FTDI FTDICHIP.COM I've attached an image showing the link circled in green.
  14. Are you using the right thickness grinding wheel for the chain? The wheel should cut on its rounded face, giving a grind that looks the same as filing, and not on its flat side. Grinding too deep will also cause the hook to be straight rather than rounded.


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