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  1. No problem, let us know how you get on.
  2. Hi there, we also have a BC620i. We swapped the engine for a Deutz when the Hatz give up. We run two separate belts. Take your belt to Compass Bearings & Engineering Supplies in Rainford and they should help you out. If not try Engineering Services In Widnes but they are a bit more expensive
  3. Hi there, have you thought about swapping out the motor for a single phase motor? It should be easy enough to get a like for like unit with same mounting and shaft size. The only issue would be if it is controlled by a control panel but if it’s a on/off switch should not be a problem. You would have to see what HP motor is needed. Have a word with your spark.
  4. Hey, have you tried blanking the pipes off and spraying soapy water around the grommets/pipes and then blow in to the tank from the cap and see where the bubbles come from. With all them new parts it could be a small crack in the tank.
  5. Hi, try Water Lane Farm, Tarbock. More details in the Tip sites directory.
  6. PS, don’t flatten your van battery or your pushing the van home.
  7. Hi there, If your battery was flat and the the alternator is not charging the battery then it will not be able to power the stress control. It will work for a couple of minutes until it has used all the life from the battery after the jump start. Get a multi meter and check if your battery is charging around 12.5v - 13v. Also most solenoids need than 12.5v to activate so if your alternator is not putting out enough volts that could be your problem. If you get stuck swap the battery of your van on to the chipper to keep it going for a few hours. A decent auto elec should be able to test and overhaul your alternator. The other problem could that your battery is knackered and not holding a charge. Hope this makes sense
  8. Hi, I was having problems with a MK6 2.4 TDDI 2005 with no engine management light showing so bought software and cable from eBay £15.00. Used it today and it brought up fuel pump timing solenoid faults which it did let me clear, it also live streams injector data. I tried it on a transit connect first and connected no problem. Providing you have a laptop it’s well worth £15.00 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fits-Ford-Transit-OBD-Diagnostic-Scanner-Tool-USB-Code-Reader-Interface-Cable/223480957816?hash=item340880cb78:g:NY8AAOSwKrhVZH9P
  9. Thanks Adw, I have looked on the Oregon catalog and the 32778X is the same, the measurements are in the catalog. Only problem is they are all in the US.
  10. Hey, sorry I miss read your post. I will drop you a message now
  11. Thanks Stubby, I will drop him a message now
  12. Thanks for getting back to me. Shame your in the US, if you find a part number on yours can you let me know?
  13. Thanks for getting back to me, it has been brazed before. The sprocket is really work. Next option is to machine one from another drum if I can find one with the right size bearing and braze it in.
  14. Hi all, I have been reading posts on this forum and found it really helpful, now I am stuck as I can not find information anywhere. My dads partner 550 lost drive, further inspection and the sprocket has sheared from the drum. I can not find a replacement anywhere, I found a part number in the manual but can not cross reference it with any other saw. There is also a number on the drum but searches do not bring anything back PN 505 303 662 Any ideals where I can find a replacement?


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