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  1. If those are the Primultini's specs it sounds right up my alley, am hoping to see it working Saturday and that it's reasonably priced. Thanks for your help Graham
  2. I think I saw that one, right up the other end of the country? I think it'd have to be a local one, as haulage would cost a bomb and I'd be miles away from whoever sells it and won't be able to pick their brains/ask around about if it's been running ok in recent years
  3. I do love the Peterson, and I'll be sad to see her go (am selling a WPF with 4 10" cut blades, clip-on Slabber, planing and sanding attachments and the Hi-Lo system, of you know anyone in the market). But I'm finding that mobile-milling alone is not quite enough for me and I want to be able to complete orders in the yard a lot faster. I've still got the Peterson DWS for doing the odd couple of mobile jobs a month, and for slabbing or trimming down any huge logs that come in. But I'm quite certain now that I need a static bandsaw.
  4. My biggest problem seems to be that I'm not entirely sure what each saws capabilities are... Basically I want something that runs off 3-phase, pushes the log through (I'm fed up with pushing every cut) from the left (the layout of my barn makes that the best option)can cut over a metre at a time, doesn't make too much waste or noise, doesn't take as much time, and doesn't cost the earth. I don't ask for much! 🤣
  5. This 3-phase Stenner vja 42inch bandsaw and dust extraction (first three pics) are up for £4725 locally and I'm going to have a look on Saturday. They also have a larger saw (last pic) which I'm interested in too. There's another option from a guy I know locally at £2k, but it doesn't have the 3-phase motor with it and that'll complicate matters - I'd like a simpler process in getting it up and running if possible - I think it's a Stenner 36 and he says it's got a four foot gob.
  6. Thanks Squaredy. Am going to look at it on Saturday, hopefully see it working. My local saw doctor says the blades are a doddle to sharpen and it comes with a few
  7. I keep noticing how cheap you can pick up a band and rack sawmill for, and one has come up local to me for £2k. The guy will work with me to install it, get it running etc. It can be put on a stand, meaning that I won't have to dig a pit: bonus. But I'm still aware that by the time I buy a 3-phase motor (it had one before, but doesn't come with it), get it installed etc and set up a resaw next to it I could be looking at a fair old price. My alternative is to get a Trakmet horizontal bandsaw and the one I'm looking at costs around £22k. Does anyone have any advice on this matter please? Am looking to go one way or the other by the end of summer as I'm in the process of cutting an order of cladding with my Peterson WPF and am finding it to be way too slow for static milling.
  8. Has it gone live yet? I did a Google search for it and it's not coming up.
  9. thats it, yards in the middle of nowhere
  10. its the drag and drop file entry thing, I had to dust the laptop off! 🤣
  11. phew, took me an hour but I did it
  12. I'm in. What do I have to do?
  13. Yeah I found them online toward the end of last year and asked for a price on getting one shipped to the UK. The guy seemed interested in sending one over but after a few reminder emails he never got round to sending me a price for the shipping - I guess he was too busy. I think that if you did the legwork for him and found someone to ship it for you then you'd get further than I did and be able to get hold of one. I also investigated Trakmet, who make a wide bandsaw that's distributed in the UK, I saw one at last year's APF show. They are 3 phase only though, which wouldn't have been a problem for me, but costing over £20k was a problem.
  14. I'm slabbing 12 of these lumps for a guy over the coming week (or as many of them as I can get through in 5 days) and he wants me to stand one of them up on end and cookie cut it. Does anyone know what it dries like in that form of cut and/or have any tips?


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