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  1. Mikesmill

    Saw milling directory

    Has it gone live yet? I did a Google search for it and it's not coming up.
  2. Mikesmill

    Saw milling directory

    thats it, yards in the middle of nowhere
  3. Mikesmill

    Saw milling directory

    its the drag and drop file entry thing, I had to dust the laptop off! 🤣
  4. Mikesmill

    Saw milling directory

    phew, took me an hour but I did it
  5. Mikesmill

    Saw milling directory

    Have I still got time?
  6. Mikesmill

    Saw milling directory

    I'm in. What do I have to do?
  7. Mikesmill

    Cooks Sawmills - any good?

    Yeah I found them online toward the end of last year and asked for a price on getting one shipped to the UK. The guy seemed interested in sending one over but after a few reminder emails he never got round to sending me a price for the shipping - I guess he was too busy. I think that if you did the legwork for him and found someone to ship it for you then you'd get further than I did and be able to get hold of one. I also investigated Trakmet, who make a wide bandsaw that's distributed in the UK, I saw one at last year's APF show. They are 3 phase only though, which wouldn't have been a problem for me, but costing over £20k was a problem.
  8. I'm slabbing 12 of these lumps for a guy over the coming week (or as many of them as I can get through in 5 days) and he wants me to stand one of them up on end and cookie cut it. Does anyone know what it dries like in that form of cut and/or have any tips?
  9. Mikesmill

    Quartersawn Oak price?

    Thanks, yeah I cut as per left hand side of diagram for that first quarter of the log, with hardly any rays showing in the resulting boards, will try the right hand way for another quarter. If I still can't find any rays then perhaps it's just not meant to be with this one.
  10. Mikesmill

    Quartersawn Oak price?

    Well, I'm doing it in what it calls the traditional way in this picture, and only considering the middle cuts as quartersawn:
  11. Mikesmill

    Quartersawn Oak price?

  12. Mikesmill

    Quartersawn Oak price?

    So would 32, 41 and 54mm be good cuts to go with for the other 3 quarters of the butt?
  13. Mikesmill

    Quartersawn Oak price?

    Okay, thanks. Back to the drawing board it is
  14. Mikesmill

    Quartersawn Oak price?

    Thanks, yes I did mean cubic foot (am still learning how to work it out this way). Do you have any idea how much I should price them at?
  15. Mikesmill

    Quartersawn Oak price?

    Can I have some advice please? I've cut some quartered oak into slabs and there's at least 3, true quartersawn 3 inch slabs at 6 foot long, 2 foot wide one end and 3 foot at the other, per quarter. The windblown tree, from the gardens on the Drax Estate in Dorset, was over 500 years old. When I cut the other three quarters of the original log, I anticipate having twelve of these slabs, and plenty of riftsawn ones at the same thickness, and 2 inch. I'm considering paying to have them professionally kiln dried, but have no experience of if that's a good idea/worth it. I've researched how much to sell them for and can only come up with a guesstimate of £65 per linear board foot, or £130 a square foot - is that too much? Thanks in advance


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