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  1. What type of logs you after arb waste or full lengths. I have about 80tonne of arb waste about 1m long lengths and cut rounds all hardwood. Just off the end of the m4 in carmarthenshire.
  2. I have thought about tracked jumpers but I need a pto to run the machinery and flail mower. I can't have anything too big as I want it to go between the trees to do some cutting of reeds over the winter months so the max width I have to play with is just under 2m but the max height is 1.5 so can't use a wide cabbed crawler type vehicle.
  3. I have wet ground (covered with young trees and reeds about 1m high and really thick clumps) and need to get in to get my logs out. I can only really get on the ground between march and november ,unless like the last month it rains everyday and now there is no way of getting my unloaded tractor on the ground let alone a quad and trailer or even a tractor and trailer. I have seen ISEKI TPC15 (tracked mini tractor) and was wondering if anyone has any experience or knowledge of one of these. I would need it to cut the reeds between the trees over winter ( to give me a sporting chance of clearing the reeds for spring) and also to use as a log mover over winter and not just make a huge mud patch and get my vehicles stuck till spring. Help!!! I have added pics of my land (it was summer when taken) and the tractor im thinking of.
  4. It's stacked and cut into rough meter long splints or 8 inch rounds. It's not just a large pile of wood.
  5. Dbikeguy getting someone in to split is not the problem it's the delivery and unloading the other side that causes the issue and if I was going to pay someone then it would mean I'm getting pittance for the load. This was my sideline and did to the amount sold each year not financially viable to pay someone.
  6. Gobby punkyeah I want it moved on I don't mind 2 or 3 trips to collect but I don't want any more collection trips. As said it's all in about 1m lengths or 8" thick rounds.
  7. Carmarthenshire and no can't deliver.
  8. I have been doing firewood for about 10 years as a sideline and my body has decided enough is enough, and there are easier ways to earn some cash. The issue I now have is.... I have loads of hardwood either cut to meter long splints or a large pile of rounds (8 -10" thick). In total there is probably about 50 - 60 tonne. I know the price I would get for it as firewood but how much to pass it off as a job lot. All the wood is oak, ash, beach with a little bit of holly (at most about a tonne). Any ideas? I'm in South Wales or gods country as I call it.
  9. After 10 years of doing firewood as a sideline moving about 100tonne a year I have given up this year simply because the hours and space needed and equipment cost in repairs and maintenance and the main reason my body is broken. There are easier ways to make money. Now that everywhere around me wants to sell "seasoned" wood that clearly has just been felled via face book or eBay... The public want cheap products and if a cube of hardwood from me is £100 and a cube of "hardwood" from pikey Dave is £60, they will always go by the cost even the customers I have had for years are saying "dave" down the road can do it for less. I know my product is actually hardwood and seasoned and below 20% and the customers know my product is too, but they see the £40 as a saving so will always go for it no matter how much you advise.
  10. do they deliver to south Wales.
  11. I was led to believe that rhi applications had been stopped?
  12. Thanks for all the replies, I have an MRI scan thing booked for Sunday afternoon in the local hospital in South Wales. I have had a couple of days off and been looking at machinery to take the brunt of my workload. I already made my own processor and (by mid next week hopefully) have a couple of conveyors arriving to add to the processor to take out the moving part of the job. I have looked for a rotator and quantities of Ibc crates and await a reply. Hopefully the Dr will be able to see the issue by the end of the month and then I will go from there.
  13. The joys of firewood and this time of year. I am nearing 40 (so im still young) and my body has had enough.... recently, for the past 3 months at least I can barely walk let alone play with a saw. At the moment I'm awake at stupid o clock with backache and havent slept and know I have to be up in 3 hours to start my day..... is it just me or do we all feel like this all the time? if it's not just me how do you get on with it.. I love the firewood game but it seems to be killing my body....


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