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  1. Why so much racist comments. So much talk about pikeys,tarmac driveways,lopping,topping, chopping All of this behaviour in the comments and everybody seems to be okay with it so much criminalise commenting towards only one certain community without any evidential facts photographs,police reports with no Pacific ethnic groups or communities to be shown to the public? All of this is just racist word say from small minded people!

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    Only recently purchased in December so very little use, I used it for for tree surgery as can see in the photos small amount of damage nipped It with a climbing saw. Easy fix if you like climbing with a terminal (eye) re-splice or just cut off damage part first 3/4 feet from beginning of line. Rope cost new £135 only used 5 times


    Frodsham - GB

  3. Best place to be a tree surgeon is in the top of a tree in my opinion lol
  4. Having cool sticker on your helmet helps some people function! Much better throughout the day. Defo makes your helmet much longer lasting and tougher [emoji23]
  5. Great Dora stickers [emoji16] but thinking more like this kind of stuff
  6. Who is the main supplier for helmet custom stickers. Thanks in advance
  7. Good morning,I have looked into it done some more research and realise that a spliced eye rope is designed to be like the “Chinese finger trap effect” then whiplocked for more security.
  8. I have just recently bought a new climbing rope with a spliced eye and while looking at it I have started wondering how dose it hold much weight with out slipping out. This might sound silly to some people but after YouTube and seeing people do the splicing I still can not understand how the skin and core of the rope don’t just slide back out from each other. (With out whiplocking) Thanks in advance for any reply's.
  9. Update on the boots!! Today I put them throw a waterproof test of my own that included filling a tub with water and leaving them soak up for around 10/15 minutes then removing them out the tub and going for a walk for around 30 minutes on uneven ground, came back home and really dry socks. So the damp toes must be from sweat build up as it’s been a bit cold and working in snow then a 50 minute drive home with heaters in van really hot on floor area so sweat must of been sweat. Oh well hope they last at least 2 years
  10. @ledders666 seems a bit expensive to keep replacing within 12 months so hopefully gustharts exchange them and the new pair last longer.
  11. I’m in contact with the store I purchased my airstreams from so hope they exchange them as my previous pair lasted 3 years with only one waxing. 7 months is a bit quick in my opinion
  12. I got my meindl airstreams from Gustharts, only 7 months old and noticed some cracks in the soles and recently been feeling wet or damp toes after a days work and inside the boot are starting to feel wet. Anybody else been having any issues in such a short time with these. Also they are my second pair really do recommend meindl.
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    Plz call more info 07480288280 perfect working order sthil chainsaw £150. Location Ferryhill County Durham


    County Durham - GB

  14. isaacp


    That’s the reason I first bought it not having computer control to fix it
  15. isaacp


    I think at them prices I should just start using it on everyday domestic stuff get my money worth and use from it. Thanks all for reply’s


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