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  1. Here's the NZ tree ID book you want mate... http://www.pottonandburton.co.nz/store/field-guide-to-new-zealand-s-native-trees Also check out treehub.co.nz for gear as well.
  2. Hi all, I was hoping to get some advice from people who are in the industry. I am looking to learn to become an Arborist, I am 27 and living in the UK. I plan on trying to get on the Proclimber fast track course to gain my certs and also find employment within an Arborist company before and during so as to supplement the course with experience as well. I know from reading many threads on here that experience is always going to be of more worth than tickets however from what I understand the course would give me a edge on breaking into the industry and would also allow me to get up to a standard which will allow me to emigrate to New Zealand after a couple of years. I know that many people will say that I should ensure that I really enjoy the work before committing so much time and money at it. However my ultimate goal is to live in NZ and I believe this is one of my best routes. Also after years of trying different types of jobs in different industries and different countries, I now know that I prefer more hands on jobs and I'm not afraid of weather or graft. I believe Aborism fits the bill. I am committed to breaking into Arborism and will be giving it my all as I want to get a trade that I can rely on and it will allow me to make the move to NZ. I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on a couple of things. 1. Things to do on the average working day as a labourer/ brash dragger that will help out crew, etc. ie. Having fuel ready when they need it and general good practises. 2. Anyone from the UK who has emigrated to NZ recently as an Arborist... How easy was it, will the NPTC certs and a couple years experience be enough? 3. What attributes would an employer be looking for when taking on a new starter? 4. What kind of wage could I hope for starting out and would it be per day or per hr? 5. Is there anyone on here who is from Hampshire and may know of anyone looking to take on a trainee. 6. As an employer how would you feel about your employee doing a fast track course instead of an apprenticeship with you. Thank you for taking the time to read this and any help you guys can give would be very appreciated.


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