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    Freelance rope tech and outdoor instructor. Soon to be working with trees. Sometime supply teacher.

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  1. Morning, I've recently moved to the North East and I'm looking to start rebuilding my contacts list and build up work again. I hold Maintenance, Cross-Cutting and Felling, Tree Climbing and Aerial Rescue, Aerial Cutting, Woodchipper and Arb Groundworker. I'm also IRATA Level 1 if that's any use to anyone. CSCS, but PTS has lapsed (happy to renew if there's enough work to make it worthwhile). I've got my own saws and PPE. Let me know if there's anything I can help with. Newcastle based. Contact me through here, robertclavin@gmail.com or 07919537433. Regards, Rob.
  2. I was liking at those silver bull ones. That might be my solution. Thanks all.
  3. Hi Steve, It's a Butterfly (2 - if that makes a difference). Rob.
  4. Hello, Does anyone have any advice on making sure your first aid kit stays on your harness? I know you could use a krab, but I find it a bit dangly and snaggy. I've got one of those small Stein ones and the ineffectual velcro / popper combination in conjunction with the tree always means that the first aid kit ends up on the ground. Anyone got a fool proof way of making it stay put? Thanks, Rob.
  5. Hi Josh, ...and no-one's getting our souls right?☺ Rob.
  6. Hello All, There seems to be quite a few people looking for work on here so I thought I'd add to them. Available three or four days a week between Monday 9th April and the end of May. I hold Maintenance, Cross-Cutting and Felling and Tree Climbing and Aerial Rescue, Aerial Cutting Woodchipper and Arb Groundworker. PTS and CSCS also. Let me know if there's anything I can help with. Bristol based but happy to travel. Would prefer not to spend too many nights away from home at the moment. Contact me through here, robertclavin@gmail.com or 07919537433. Regards, Rob.
  7. Does anyone have any recommendations for books for someone new to the trade? I'm thinking mainly about technical / biological / ecological stuff but I'd be interested to hear recommendations for anything tree related really. From "Arb Fiction" (which I can't imagine exists!) to nature writing or popular science type stuff. One that keeps being mentioned to me is "The Body Language of Trees". Happy to hear your suggestions. Thanks, Rob.
  8. Evening, Does anyone know who might supply or make small chainsaw gloves? Everywhere I've looked, medium (about a size 8) is the smallest I've found. I could really do with some smalls / size 7. Thanks, Rob.
  9. Thanks Mark. That simple eh? Wasn't expecting it to be that obvious, I was expecting it to be something like "it's a ii if your serial number is higher than xxxxxxx". Rob.
  10. Cool. Thanks. I'll keep you in mind at LOLER time. It'll be an initial inspection. Rob.
  11. Evening all, Bit of a geeky one this. Can anyone tell me if it's possible to tell a T540xp from a T540xp ii from looks alone? Failing that, does anyone know when the ii hit the streets? Thanks, Rob.
  12. Afternoon All, I'm looking for a LOLER inspector near Bristol. My tree gear doesn't need it yet but my IRATA kit does. Can anyone recommend someone and give me an idea of costs? Thanks, Rob.
  13. ...and you'd be right although training is on the way and I'm trying to get my head around what to look for afterwards. The question was geared more towards whether a light, rear-handled saw is practical whilst up a tree. Thanks.


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