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    Climbing, Mountaineering, Running, Canoeing - most outdoors stuff really.
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    Freelance rope tech and outdoor instructor. Soon to be working with trees. Sometime supply teacher.
  1. Opinions on what constitutes a climbing saw

    Thanks for your thoughts.
  2. Opinions on what constitutes a climbing saw

    ...and you'd be right although training is on the way and I'm trying to get my head around what to look for afterwards. The question was geared more towards whether a light, rear-handled saw is practical whilst up a tree. Thanks.
  3. Opinions on what constitutes a climbing saw

    Ok, thanks. So it's the ability to operate it one-handed that's the key? ...and essential?
  4. Hello, I'm on the lookout for a saw to use climbing but, being new to this game, I'm after some thoughts and opinion from the collective Arbtalk mind. Top-handle saws seem to be a popular choice but I've also had suggested to me that a small rear-handled saw (think 12" MS 171/181) will be perfectly adequate. Any thoughts or experiences out there? I'm looking to buy used hence the question really. If money were no object then I'd just go out and buy a new top-handle but I'm not there yet. On a related note, anyone got something suitable that they're looking to move on? Doesn't have to be a runner; happy to fettle. Thanks, Rob.
  5. A saw with ropes for hire | Bristol

    Hello All, I'm new to this game and looking to get a start in the industry. Currently hold Maintenance, Cross-Cutting and Felling and Tree Climbing and Aerial Rescue. Woodchipper ticket should be arriving in early August with Aerial Cutting and Arb Groundworker coming later in the year. Bristol based but happy to work within a couple of hours drive. Have my own saw and climbing kit. Available from the start of August. Looking for any freelance work but particularly interested in some straight hand-cutting for now to build experience. Not scared of hard work and happy to start from the bottom but I can't work for free I'm afraid! 07919 537433, robertclavin@gmail.com or pm me on here if you've got anything you could use a hand with. I am working in areas of dubious phone signal over the next couple of weeks though, so emails might be a better / less frustrating way to get me. Thanks, Rob.
  6. Setting up as a saw for hire

    Thanks Stefan. I think for me, those will fall into the longer term, business development category! I take your point about offering something different though. Rob.
  7. Setting up as a saw for hire

    Evening all, Mods, please move if in the wrong forum. I'm currently self-employed, working in a number of trades and I am becoming the proverbial "jack of all trades, master of none". Even so, I'm adding forestry and tree work to the list. My other jobs have me spending quite a lot of time away from home and with the way life is heading, I'll need to spend a more time at home, probably working up to an hour or two away. I'm interested to hear if there is the market for someone with basic kit and ground-based chainsaw tickets, and perhaps selected others, to operate on a freelance basis? Most of the work I've seen seems contracted which is encouraging for the trade but not what I'm looking for. I'm thinking of landowners who need someone to help take a few trees down, someone with piles of wood to process, conservation felling eg. taking down aliens / invasives or just small scale / awkward clear-felling where machinery isn't an option. Is anyone out there operating on this basis or is everyone attached to a company of some variety? Also, any thoughts on what the "selected other tickets" could be? Chipper perhaps? Thanks, Rob.
  8. Where do you buy kit in Bristol / the SW?

    Thanks. Who are R&T? I've some googling but didn't come up with much. I expect all suggestions will get visited in the coming months. Rob.
  9. Just had a chat with them and they seem really helpful. Quite a big operation by the looks of things with loads of courses running. Rob.
  10. Thanks both. I'll be ringing around today. Keep them coming though. Blake Training didn't come up in my searches last night so I expect there are others that don't appear as well. Rob.
  11. Where do you buy kit in Bristol / the SW?

    Thanks all.
  12. Evening all, I'm looking for a combined chainsaw maintenance, cross-cutting and small tree felling course. I'd use the numbers, bit I'm not totally sure which ones to use these days! I'll trawl the internet this evening and tomorrow but I just thought some of the trainers my frequent this forum. Looking for dates in the middle of May or mid to late June. Definitely before August if possible. Thanks, Rob.
  13. Freelance opportunities around Bristol and the South West

    Thanks Paul.
  14. Where do you buy kit in Bristol / the SW?

    That would be ideal. Alas, that weekend is in the calendar as "quality time" which, sadly, probably doesn't include taking her to the ARB show! I'll look out for it next year though.
  15. Any suggestions? I know about Carr's in Bedminster and there's somewhere in Weston-S-M (can't remember the name though). Anywhere else? Thanks, Rob.


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