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  1. Yes I bought one it's been fab no problems
  2. Hi all I have been asked to fell a very large chestnut,I don't have a great deal of knowledge about this wood,it's girth is has a wide girth and plenty of big limbs is there any value to this wood,if so for turning or milling?any info would be fab cheers all.
  3. Hi all anybody needing help on any jobs in the northwest Wigan,skem,Liverpool etc call me I have my cs30,31 cs38,39 a clean class one licence hiab licence digi card tractor driving experience,have all my own kit saws etc etc pl insurance my own 12x6 tipper I pull this with a 110 defender to shif logs wood chip if I can can be of any help to anybody call me normally have a day or two free per week.please call Paul on 07846 455697
  4. Hi all I have 2 big jobs to fell large beech trees,one is in Birkenhead and the other is in formby,not to sure of start dates but will be within 2 to 3 weeks all welcome to the log give me a call if anybody is interested 07846 455697 paul
  5. You were right spark plug loose spot on pal cheers
  6. Thank you for the useful info cheers pal
  7. Spot on pal thanks for advice kind regards Paul.
  8. Hi all a bit of help needed here,sorry advice more than help I bought a husky 540xp from a shop in lands brand new boxed receipt glee etc ,from day one the saw has been very hard to start when warm or cold I got fed up of trying to start it I returned it for repair,it came back the same if anything worse,last week I was on a big climb and at the end of the day my right arm was killing me,because of the amount of times I tried to start it,I rang the shop today and explained all and told him I wanted a full refund or another saw I was told I would have to go direct to husky dealership with my complaint the saw is 6 months old with 12 months warranty the shop did say that if I dropped the saw of they would replace all parts carb etc etc I don't want the saw anymore it has caused me so much hassle I want rid any ideas of the best way to go about this would be very helpful cheers all.
  9. I have a 14 ton walk in skip,that can be dropped at your job you load I can collect it at the end of the job it's on a roll on roll off bogie we have lights if it has to be left at job overnight,skip will be removed via tractor also with hiab if required if anybody is interested call me n 07846 455697 operating in the north west. Preston, Liverpool, southport, etc.
  10. Hi all any of you guys on the trust a trader I have noticed the ads on radio, often wander what volume of work you would get from it,also how hard it would be to get onboard? Do you have to pay a % of the work you do?
  11. Yes rob it's Paul spoke to you the other day give me a bell I will fill you in about the Job cheers.
  12. I have a big job in lydiate merseyside in two weeks time if anybody is interested in the sycamore log ideal if you collect direct from job or can deliver at a agreed rate thanks in advance.
  13. Yes should be fine,done it loads of times just avoid vosa check points they don't like it, I would put 4 ratchet straps 2 front and 2 back safe as houses a walk in the park good luck.


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