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  1. have a look at dbprocessing.webs.com. Might not be enough to make it viable but worth a look maybe
  2. Looking for a pallet of kindling (approx 100 nets) either delivered to Retford (DN22) or local enough for us to collect. Please let me know size of net Price How long for delivery/collection Please note looking for proper kindling not sawn timber off-cuts. Thank you
  3. Its a GF295 boiler 40ft shipping container with 2.64KW fans
  4. What are you burning? We have tried burning Pallets and Sycamore at 20% MC but both seem to cause smoke. Pallets yesterday were fine, today big bellows of smoke. Same batch of pallets different results.
  5. May be worth looking into a storage tank then. We don't think it smokes a lot but the neighbours don't seem to agree unfortunately. Environmental health have been out to look a couple of times and think its fine but will probably be back again. The planners are now looking into it and have deemed it as processing outside of the operating ours that are permitted (9-5) so a storage tank may be the way forwards.
  6. Its regarding the smoke, It currently doesn't have a buffer tank but rather than fill it then let it burn empty we're constantly topping it up every 2 - 3 hours just a small amount at a time. We have doubled flue height from 4 to 8 m to try and get the smoke higher but still seems to be causing problems. Currently burning pallets and logs both sub 20% MC.
  7. Having recently installed a medium biomass boiler has anyone had any problem with environmental health and the planning department, due to complaints from the local residents. Has anyone spoken to the boiler manufacturer to help sort the problems out? Or what have you done to appease the locals?
  8. Thanks. can you let me know where it is as well pleased. Cheers
  9. Have you got any pics, location and price please
  10. <p>Hi mate have you still got the beech and sycamore for sale?</p>

  11. Wanted Hardwood Cordwood, Ash, Oak, Beech etc. Delivery Preferred but can collect. Based in Retford Notts (DN22). Please send or post picture with price/tonne and if delivered/collected. Thanks
  12. where about are they and how much?
  13. Thanks will look into getting it optimised
  14. Has anyone got any opinions on our new website, Seasoned Firewood & Logs | Hardwood Supplier any feedback would be gratefully received. Cheers
  15. Hi Did you sort the processing out or are you still looking for someone


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