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    Hi I would like to exchange/PX my green mech CS100 18hp PX for towable chipper, ideally tw 150 but open to others. Green mech has had a new engine 18hp electric start, but never got round to fitting a battery, like to keep things simple. Has also had belts with a spare set of sharp blades and old belts as well as old engine and oil/filter etc. Is missing busing on one wheel bearing which makes wheel wobbly but always been ok and had Drum unit welded as it weld was starting to split (see photo) it has been fine since. Seldom used since new engine as I had a bigger chipper previously, I have just started contracting again after 12 months in employment (when chipper was in storage). It has quickly become apparent that this is not suited to the type of work we are looking for or our working style, has been great on the right jobs though and can see the potential. Does not include trailer. Would be looking for offers around £3800 All in and would consider selling but would prefer PX/exchange for towable chipper, so I am not without ideally T/W 150 etc/Jensen/Dosco ETC. More interested in condition bearings/mechanics than aesthetics/minor faults. I am based in Central Herts Deano 07915 452007


    Deerswood Ave , Hatfield - GB

  2. <p>sorry short message only allowed 1000 characters so please don't think I'm short or rude. more than happy to talk discuss anything further with you tho.</p>


    <p>Would consider travelling to north herts for the right chance. I can drive and happy too i do sadly have 6 points on my license but do have a pre 1997 license so can drive a lot of vechiles. </p>

    <p>If you don't mind me asking where about are you in north herts?</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>I have just today booked my cs30 and s31. Am looking at doing cs38 cs 39 too but as am new toit all wanted to test the water and more importantly get advice guidance and information from people in the industry first as to the best route, as like us all i don't have unlimited funds but more than happy to learn gain tickets where ever needed if the right job came along. Course is on april 11th as earliest can do and also am plastering/building for a client and most certainly won't let people down. I hope that makes sense and if any more questions would love to answer them or discuss things further with you if we could possibly sort something. my number is 07711955052 or email <a href="mailto:" rel="">creedysimon@gmail.com</a>.</p>


  4. Artalk Ad Newbie/Aspiring climber wanted north Herts On initially until end of April, but likely to be extended depending on candidate/workload. I run a small arb form based in North Herts, shortly after returning after a break due to ill health I have acquired several contracts and require a Driver/second climber ASAP. Must have Full UK Licence including towing > 750 kg as would be responsible for driving 3.5 T tipper and sub 750 kg chipper. (I can drive but am currently coming towards a ban due to medical reasons). Must also have Aerial Rescue/climbing and Chainsaw tickets or be currently working towards achieving these very soon. We use good kit and I adopt up to date climbing practices and aspire to do things professionally, would suit someone who wishes to improve their climbing/arboricultural knowledge. Would be 4 - 5 Days per Week either self employed (preferred) or PAYE at a push. Pay depending on experience but in line with the industry. Both Professionalism and a sense of humour would be essential to mesh well with current team. Basic PPE would be an advantage for which an allowance can be negotiated. P/M, Email sylvaarb@icloud.com or call/txt 07947 574 237 Start ASAP, subject to paid trial, good luck!!. Thanks Deano

    <p>Hi </p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Would You consider travelling to North Herts?</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Must be able and willing to drive (I cannot for now due to health). And would be interested in what tickets you have/intend on getting.</p>

    <p> </p>



  6. Considering adopting a wee chipper Hi, great thread and has inspired me to reconsider my most recent endeavour into self employment. Have only pedestrian access (v secure) to my garden, no garage, live in area inhabited by thieving scum and every yard/lock up/field/garage i have ever rented has been targeted to some extent so a bigger chipper is out, just can't handle the stress anymore. Hence considering the green mech cs100 Longer term, small panel van (transit, t5 etc) with space for chipper and saws even somewhere to make cup of tea, most clients seem to be open minded to the prospect of saving a little money in exchange for chip to be left and always have the option of towing my trailer also, van would also double up as a camper for mountain biking, kayaking etc. Limiting factors; Finding small panel van with decent towing capacity (most only tow about 2t) Wether it will fit down shared path to site where i want to store it, bamboo cane mock up of chipper size does not but shape of chipper will likely allow it to. I am a bit of an animal when feeding chippers and have owned larger machines and used even larger in the past so hoping my patience can take the slower pace and extra snedding. any advice welcome, particularly on small van towing weight and real life productivity compared to good 6 inch chipper, trying to blag a trial to see if chipper will fit in back garden but have a job Monday 5 if anybody "in the club" would like a days work for them and CS100 at short notice in Herts, P/M me. Also if anyone knows or has a second hand CS 100 would be interested, only committed to buying new as second hand ones don't seem to come up very often.


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